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Happy birthday, Vince McMahon!

It's WWE Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon's birthday today! Come celebrate it right here!

H.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Two Fehrs'

A determined army of Orc-players, led by the mighty and dreaded dark lord Fehron, rampage against the on-coming faction of NHL team owners in book two of H.R.R. Tolkien's epic 'Lord of the Revenue" fantasy trilogy.

OTE Power Poll: Lord Of The Rings Edition

The B1G is a sweeping epoch, with the good guys teetering on the edge of disaster and doom every step of the way.

H.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Fellowship of the Revenue'

Young hobbit Grodo Bettmins is given a monumental task: stop the dark lord Fehron and his army of players from conquering Hockey-earth and taking all the owner's money in H.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy classic, "The Fellowship of the Revenue."

Sharks Gameday: Fellowship

A lazy post-Thanksgiving Sharks gameday. The Fellowship of the Ring is mentioned.

Ducks Gameday -- What Almost Happened...

I was going to draw an epic 7-part Lord of the Rings saga for the Anaheim Ducks' upcoming road trip, but quit before finishing part 1. Enjoy! :)



The Arkansas Razorbacks Are Considering Joining the Big 12 . . . the Way Barack Obama Would Rather be President of Argentina

The latest, and silliest, internet rumor regarding conference expansion claims the Arkansas Razorbacks are considering bolting the SEC for the Big 12. Dawg Sports makes it clear that this isn't just wrong, it's ludicrous.

Finland vs. Germany Gameday -- The Olympic March Continues.

Wow -- what a crazy day yesterday. Canada gets pushed to a long shootout but wins. Russia gets pushed to a long shootout and loses. I've known this before, but the last few days have cemented it in: I love international hockey.

Kayla Pedersen: The Calming Force of Stanford’s "Three-Headed Monster"

What's most impressive about Stanford is that they are among the most disciplined teams in the nation in addition to being one of the most talented. Perhaps the scariest thing about Stanford is that part of its dominance is derived from its reflectivity and commitment to the details that lead to success. No player stands out as embodying the essence of what makes this team tick than forward Kayla Pedersen.

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