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Pro Combat Goes B1G: Michigan State Edition


Pro Combat Goes B1G: Michigan State Edition, featuring gently used hand-me-downs from big brother!

Colts relinquish rights to RB Mike Hart


Good luck, Mike. There's always a spot here for you at Maize n Brew. But, for those of you wondering, I'm fairly certain Mike will find a comfortable place to land in the NFL shortly. He's too good of a back not to.

Michigan, NCAA Allegations, The Media, etc...


In case you haven't turned on the TV or fired up the ole' interweb (which is impossible, since you're reading this esteemed blog), you may have missed that the news about my beloved University...

From the mouths of babes


Mich1gAAn's got themselves a "spunky" quarterback. Maybe you've heard. However, it sounds like his maturation as a collegiate athlete needs a course in "not letting your mouth write checks that...

Massive, hilarious denial at MGoBlog today


I wish I were kidding about this, but Brian at MGoBlog today has posted a story about the 2008 Michigan rushing stats that (in his mind, and in the minds of the sycophants that follow him) prove...

Time to start making Ohio State/Michigan comparisons


Michigan State's out of the way. Four lightweights in front of us. The next test is Michigan. In my opinion (and about half the country's as well), these two teams are on a collision course to be...

Monday Diesel Fuel: Catching up with former Huskies


Catching up with Northern Illinois Huskie greats such as Joe Novak, Matt German & Mike Hart.

Michigan Michigan State 2007: The Little Brother Game


2007. A year of incredible pain, suffering and redemption. Fortunately the pain was front loaded and the meat of the schedule was a lot of fun. And of course you've got to have the Little...

A Mike Hart article by my favorite national writer.


Rick Gosselin from the Dallas Morning News visited Terre Haute recently and wrote this article about Mike Hart. BTW, if you are a fan of good football writing, I suggest you subscribe to Gosselin's free columns titled "Inside the NFL". Either get them emailed to you or periodically check out his stuff at the Dallas Morning News website. Gosselin is already in the writer's wing of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Gosselin covers the entire league so it's not all Cowboy related. IMO, his stuff is just about the best in the business. Also, if you like the NFL pre-draft stuff, he is EASILY the best national writer when it comes to draft coverage.

NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Mike Hart and Five Other Guys


Wrapping up the last running backs from the NFL Draft:  Lex Hilliard (202nd overall) is a bruising runner who will be lucky to make the roster.  The Dolphins  have a lot of running backs right...

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