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Dance Card: Navy, Patriot


Who? The Midshipmen of Navy. What? Well, at least that's what they're going to be when they're done. Bill the Goat harks back to an earlier era of naval history. Where? Annapolis, Maryland, the...

jones Top Ten 2010 Bowl Preview Spectacular


My fellow Texas fans: Please set aside your animosity and neurosis for a brief moment and revel in all that is good about the holiday spirit and the bowl season to come. For there is still...

Texas vs Navy Basketball Post-Mortem


Victors! Take that, UCLA Iowa State Baylor K State Navy. Yes, Texas won a game. 83-52. FEELS NIIIICE. Gary Johnson and Jordan Hamilton both finished with double doubles, going 26-10 and 17-10....

GameWatch Week 10


One of the coolest things about living in California, aside from paying taxes that makes Belgians wince, is the fact that college football is in full swing as I breakfast: usually a fiber-rich...

Big East Expansion: Conference Votes To Increase Exit Fees If Navy Or Air Force Join


The Big East conference members voted to increase the league exit fee from $5 million to $10 million, contingent on either Navy or Air Force joining the conference. The vote was unanimous

ECU Applies for Big East Membership


Apparently ECU plays basketball? Or is this football only? The Big East should be forced to include all sports for their new 'expansion' teams... Just think of all those new instant basketball classics... Rutgers vs Navy! ECU vs Seton Hall! Chair Force vs DePaul! Army vs UCF?

Big East Expansion: Conference Was Close To Adding Navy & Air Force


The Big East Conference was close to adding Navy and Air Force before Syracuse and Pitt left for the ACC.

Notre Dame Football: A 2010 Retrospective


The first year of the Brian Kelly era at Notre Dame certainly didn’t lack for drama, that’s for sure. There was a lot of drama surrounding the 2009 team and the future of Charlie Weis, but that...

The Poinsettia Bowl: There Will Be Mud


The matchup in the Poinsettia Bowl tonight sounded interesting from the beginning. Now that game day has arrived there is an added level of intrigue. The kind of intrigue that young boys dream of...

No. 1 vs. No. 2: College Football’s Magic History


On January 10, 2011 Auburn will face Oregon for the national championship, pitting No. 1 versus No. 2 for the 45th time in the history of college football. With the advent of the Bowl Championship...

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