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Letter Reporting OSU Infractions to Gene Smith

The Reader's Digest recap of the original blog... June 10 I received a list of names on Ohio State Championship Rings for sale from SellerA. I believe the 1st player just recently graduated, the...

The Absolutely, Positively, Last Thing I Will Write About Tatgate


So what does the NCAA ruling on OSU mean for the team and the B1G moving forward?

How to Fix Ohio State Football in Five Easy Steps


Here is how to fix Ohio State football in five easy steps

ESPN Sues The Ohio State University over The University's Failure to Provide The Emails


ESPN sued Ohio State University today, requesting that the state Supreme Court order the school to release emails among former coach Jim Tressel and others regarding Ted Sarniak, the mentor to former quarterback Terrelle Pryor. OSU denied the public records request by citing FERPA, a federal law designed to protect the privacy of students. ESPN lawyer John Greiner, based in Cincinnati, said in the court filing that the events surrounding OSU football are sad. "But that sadness does not mean that the events should be secret," the filing says.

Ohio State's NCAA Response


Click the title for the link. Ohio State vacates all 12 of 2010's wins (including their Sugar Bowl and B1G Championship). Ohio State puts itself on 2 years of probation. Ohio State does not self-impose a future post-season ban or reduction in scholarships. Remember, this will be the floor for the final decision.

Ohio State will respond to The NCAA on Friday


Tomorrow will be the day that Ohio State responds to the NCAA charges (thanks for doing it during your week!). From the article... "We've really been hurt by the fact that everybody in the athletic department has been indicted because of the actions of a few." said Athletic Director Gene Smith Of course, just about every team that has faced NCAA sanctions could say the same thing. The sticking point is which few committed the actions, and why didn't the school know what was going on? The fact that some of "the few" in this instance were the school's most high-profile figure and its most recognizable star athlete doesn't help the argument much. Brian Bennett is dead on with this observation: whatever Ohio State self-imposes in the response will serve as the floor for their eventual punishments.

Looking At The Tressel/Ohio State Situation


OTE looks at the Jim Tressel decision making process, and finds more than a few flaws.

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