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A Call for the Return of the Death Penalty in College Sports


NCAA football is at a crossroads. While the sport is seeing record revenues thanks to giant television contracts and merchandise sales, there is also a cancer that is permeating what is rapidly becoming America's pastime.

The OSU Completes Southern Trifecta


We don't cover college baseball much at The Rivalry, Esq. because...well, we're the Big Ten. We don't really DO college baseball. But if ever there was a time to glance at the quaint sport, this was the weekend. Sure, you remember The Ohio State University getting pounded by Southern schools in back to back BCS Championship games. You likely also remember The Ohio State University getting soundly beaten by a Southern school while playing for the Men's Basketball Championship. Those losses were embarrassing and put a stain upon the school and the conference. But nothing, and I mean nothing, equates with what The Ohio State University did this weekend. Playing in a regional championship (against a Southern school), The Ohio State University, the Big Ten regular season champion, managed to plate six runs. Sadly for the boys in scarlet and gray, the Seminoles of Florida State managed to plate more. 31 more. OHIO STATE LOST A BASEBALL GAME 37-6. I don't care if they were playing Manny Ramirez's Steroid All-Stars, you don't lose by 31. At some point, you start taking people down. Congratulations, Buckeyes! You've found a new way to be laughed at in the South.

Full Length DVD of "The History of Michigan v Ohio State"


The offseason allows time for pondering how much you love and miss college football. It also takes the focus away from breaking news, highlights, and up to the minute football scores. What will you fill your time with? How about an hour long, full length documentary about the storied UM-OSU rivalry? The interviews are solid and the footage will bring back vivid memories. Click on the "Buy DVD" if you want to bring this home...

OSU: In charge of the at large?


It's college football's most essential proclamation: when it doubt, go to the ratings. When it comes to at large selections for the BCS, that bodes well for No. 10 Ohio State. As The Columbus Dispatch reports: There have been three BCS games involving schools from non-BCS leagues, and each is among the seven lowest-rated of the 42 all-time BCS games: Utah versus Pittsburgh in the 2005 Fiesta (a 7.4 rating), Boise State against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta (8.4) and Hawaii versus Georgia in the 2008 Sugar (7.0). That averages out to a 7.7 rating. Contrast that with 11.0, which is Ohio State's average rating in its three games as a BCS at-large team. That likely trumps any worry about OSU fans having 'Fiesta fatigue.'"

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