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Nebraska Football 2019: The Coach is still the story

That is, the Frost Story is one that still needs to be written

B1G 2019

2019 Big Ten Spring Previews and Position Rankings

What constitutes “progress” for the Huskers in 2019?

Lots of talk about football being good again and where Big Red has gone wrong...but what’s the baseline for improvement?

Nebraska Week, B1G 2019: A Big Redaissance?

There is a Problem in Being Reborn....

Big Ten Non-Conference Schedule: Bill Connelly’s Team-by-Team Previews

A conference-specific list of what to expect in the non-conference.

The 2019 Nebraska Cornhuskers Preview: Football is good again in Lincoln

-or- That time we used S&P, some hand-waving, a little mental gymnastics, and UCF as reasonable proof that Nebraska is winning a title this year

Pingybats and Twineysticks: The B1G Keeps Rolling

Our crash course in the spring non-revs rolls on—and the Big Ten is still showing out in the national tournaments!

Kinds of Pie, Ranked

Illinois Potluck #5

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Softball Regionals, Last Day of Regular-Season Baseball, and More: What are you watching?

Lots to talk about on a B1G Saturday.

Big Ten Softball on the Rise? An NCAA Softball Tournament Primer

Three Big Ten teams will host Regional sites, and six teams overall have made the cut. Who can advance to the Super Regional? We’ll find out.

Could you just be terrible QUIETLY, Illinois?

Give up the invented controversy, move on with your lives, and just get back to losing games like God intended.

The Dumbest Game Your Big Ten Team Has Lost To Illinois Football // B1G 2019

Oh yeah? Well, you suck too from time to time.

2019 Illinois Football Record Predictions: Can the Illini make it to 6-6?

Potluck #4 invites you to enjoy the best BBQ our writers have to offer, and also to tell us how the Fighting Illini will fare in 2019.

Illini Service Dogs Make Sure You Can’t Stay Sad About Illinois Football // B1G 2019

Let’s talk about dogs.

Can’t stop the run(s): Illini Defense, State Fair cuisine // B1G 2019, Illinois Potluck #3

That’s right—a poop joke.

All You Need Is Lovie? OTE Podcast Illinois Edition Conjugates The Verb “To Suck” // B1G 2019

20 minutes of trying not to talk about Illini football

Bar Scenes, Transfer QBs, and Coaches in Shorts: An Illinois Offense Preview?

Can Reggie Corbin and a couple transfers cure the Illini’s offensive woes? Plus, a guide to Champaign bars—and the best bar scenes in your town.

The Case For Illinois Football Showing Meaningful Improvement In 2019 // B1G 2019

Yes, really

Better Know a B1G Blog: How do Illinois fans keep the faith? ft. The Champaign Room

The guys over at The Champaign Room stop by to talk blogging through the Illinois-related pain.

How to Return Illinois to Relevance: Illinois Potluck #1

A fresh coat of Syracuse orange and blue? A hockey team? ...a caretaker football coach? We open the floor for how to fix Illinois football.

Ohio beats Michigan once again! Beilein leaves Ann Arbor

Rapid reactions to the news from Ann Arbor, including a well-aged tweet and Jim Harbaugh to the XFL!

Illinois Fighting Illini Football Cocktail Party Preview: Are They Playing For Something? // B1G 2019

A reckoning is fated to occur, but they’ll probably split the difference somehow.

B1G 2019 // This is Ridiculous, Rutgers: The Sequel

Some justified self-hate for Hate Friday.

State of the Union: Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football 2019 Preview Podcast // B1G 2019

Welcome to 078 Bleaker Street

Just say no to Rutgers!

Rutgers football in the Big Ten is a massive mistake.

B1G 2019 // 150 Years of Rutgers Football

To Inspire Some Appreciation.

Predictions and Poutine: How will Rutgers fare in 2019?

The OTE staff predicts Rutgers’ 2019 record, and asks what the hell disco fries are.

B1G 2019 //The Rutgers Experience via Memes

Being a Rutgers Football fan. In Meme.

Defense! Beer! Things that should be taken away from your coach! // B1G 2019: Rutgers Potluck #3

What’s the best beer in New Jersey? How many can you drink to make the Rutgers defense look passable? Will Rutgers stop anyone? We ask the questions that matter.

Better Know a B1G Blog, with On the Banks: What’s it like to be a Rutgers fan?

Aaron Breitman, manager of Rutgers SBNation blog On the Banks, stops by to talk all things Rutgers.

Can a transfer QB save Chris Ash’s job? UPDATE: AND a tight end?!

Our Rutgers writers and a special guest weigh in on whether McLane Carter transforms what the Scarlet Knights offense can do in 2019.


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