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Maryland beats Michigan State—are the Terps actually good?

Buy stock in Maryland’s kicker, and...well, we’ll learn more this weekend?

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On Game Theory and College Football

What we can learn from yet another Ohio State blowout of Rutgers: the coaches are Very Bad At This.

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FancyStats and The B1G and You

A Nerd’s Guide to the First Five Weeks

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Freshly Canned Chryst: What’s Next for Wisconsin?

The Potluck Serves Up Reactions to Paul Chryst’s Sudden Firing

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The Latest

The Weekly Mailbag Request is having one.


Sunday Morning Coming Down // Week 5

Greetings from the Shire

EXCLUSIVE STORY: Beating Wisconsin In Football Very Fun

Real Sports Journalism from Real Sports Journalists

The Weekly Mailbag has thoughts on uniform colors, 2nd place losses, and fall distractions.

We also tip our caps to enjoyable bad teams, which should be an entire series of articles.

Big Ten Football Week 5 Schedule, Picks, Previews, and Predictions

A day that starts with a Kinnick slopfest, ends with the reek of desperation from Lincoln, and in between features is waiting to see if, uh...Illinois or Maryland are good?

Indiana in the Buff with Mr. Komodo: No-Braska

Nebrasketball at its finest.


Come see which "writers" are celebrating the triumphant return of pumpkin beer season

Would Northwestern or Nebraska lose to a D-II School? DWT;WT, Week 5

In which we seek out which Big Ten team will have the worst transitive loss of 2022.

Big Ten Coaching Hot Seats Week 5: Jim O’Neil lowers the bar even further

what am I supposed to write about without Scott Frost?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Most Interesting Big Ten Football Games Of Week 5 Involve Maryland, Indiana And Illinois

Yes, really!


Week 5 Power Poll: Archosauromorph Reptiles

You: "What?" Me: "Come learn, friends."

Fall’s Tarts Week 4: College Football Really Dropped The Ball On This One

The dumbest things that happened in our favorite sport this week

Fire Chryst, Hire Meyer? OTE POTW: Week 4

Chryst isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and Meyer is never coming to Wisconsin. Still, Urban Meyer drives clicks. Also, my wife makes an appearance as "person who should actually be writing this because she’s way funnier"

Sport number three: I’m not very good at this

But neither are you, probably

Minnesota Football Controls The Big Ten West Title Race: Week 4 Recap Podcast

Mostly because the rest of them have already screwed it up

Punting Week 4: Who really won Iowa-Rutgers?

Spoiler, it was still Iowa

In Solidarity, OTE Amplifies and Supports: Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Support from across the Big Ten.

Survive and Advance: Michigan Turns Back Maryland

Week 4: B1G Stock Report

The Weekly Mailbag Keeps Plugging Away

It’s a new week. Let’s dig in and change our best.

Sunday Morning Coming Down // Week 4

Week 4: B1G Evening Game Thread

B1G After Dark: Put on Your Puntin’ Shoes

Week 4: B1G Afternoon Game Thread

The Weekly Mailbag asks “Who should be Nebraska’s next coach?”

And other things, like "How much Malort to make Iowa-Rutgers watchable?", "Should Urban Meyer be Nebraska’s coach?", "Who’s got the best state outline for a helmet?" and more:

Michigan Welcomes Maryland – and the Big Ten Season

Michigan enters Big Ten play undefeated and flying high. But how much do we really know about the Wolverines?

Big Ten Football Week 4 Schedule, Picks, Previews, and Predictions

Like a broken-down furnace, the Big Ten West will try to keep you warm through the weekend.

Indiana in the Buff with Mr. Komodo: I-C, U-C, We All See, Cincy

If you’re looking for moral victories, this is your game.


Prepare your bodies for the Punt Off in Piscataway

Week 4: B1G Thursday Game Thread

I Got Shit-Talked By A Southern Illinois Fan, and I Had to Sit There and Take It: DWT;WT, Week 4

...and greater Carbondale, Illinois. Because I got shit-talked by a Southern Illinois grad last night. At a brewery. In Minnesota.

Week 4: Power Poll, innit?


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