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Big Ten Basketball: Izzo Stands Alone Open Thread

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Firing Brad Underwood Would Be The Most Deranged Act In The History Of Ilinois Fighting Illini Athletics

Are you people demented beyond repair?

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2023 NCAA Wrestling National Championships Recap

Penn State lives up to expectations, while two other Big Ten teams finish top four

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The Latest

2023 NCAA Wrestling Pick’em Results

Some of you did well. I did not.

NCAA Tourney: Sunday Open Thread

8 Team Entered, 2 Remain

ALL ABOARD THE TRAINWRECK: March Madness Saturday Open Thread


This stream has:

2023 Big Ten March Madness Hub

EIGHT women’s and ELEVEN men’s teams in action for the Big Ten across the 2023 basketball postseason—here’s your hub for ALL the Big Ten hoops coverage.

This stream has:

2023 NCAA Wrestling Tournament Brackets, Previews, Picks

Big Ten wrestling, NCAA Tournament brackets, time, weight class previews, how to watch, and more:

2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships: How-to-watch, Open Thread Day Three

Come hang out and watch good wrestling!

2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament Round 1, Day 2 Previews & Game Thread

Sparty, Purdue, and Indiana hit the court today. Read previews for ALL the Day Two games and talk about them here!

2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament Round 1, Day 1 Previews & Game thread

It’s time for the Big Dance!

MARCH MADDEN-ESS: NCAA Tournament Matchups, but Football

What if a Big Ten football blog actually wrote about football? Kind of?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Big Ten Basketball: NIT Recaps, NCAAT: First Four Games in Dayton Day 2

Big Ten varmints win, feudalism collapses, and the First Four keeps rolling

In Solidarity, OTE Amplifies and Supports: Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Support from across the Big Ten.

Purdue Basketball vs. NCAA Tournament History

Conflicting data on how previous teams with Purdue’s resume performed

2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships Previews: 174-285 Pounds

Can Penn State sweep the back four?

Big Ten Basketball: NIT First Round Open Thread + NCAAT: First Four Games in Dayton

Turns out you can spell NIT without the Nits

Not Invited Tournament Previews: Can any of Rutgers, Wisconsin, or Michigan right the ship?

Motivation, matchups, and moxie will be a question as the Big Ten’s next-best host a few first-rounders...starting tonight!

2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships Previews: 149-165 Pounds

NCAA Tournament Profile: Can Northwestern Beat Boise State?

For the second time in recorded human history, it was The Year. Can the Wildcats improve on their Round of 32 showing from 2017?

Wrestling has fun names too!

See the best names from this year’s NCAA tournament

Dain Dainja is your 2023 Big Ten Basketball Name Of The Year

Michigan Hosts Toledo in NIT Opener

2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships Previews: 125-141

Are Spencer Lee and Roman Bravo-Young locks?

2023 Wrestling Pick ‘Em Challenge

The Internet’s hardest wrestling pick’em is back

OTE March Madness Bracket Challenges: Same Old Song, Same Old Dance

You pick brackets. We give* you** things***.

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Breaking Down the NCAA Women's Tournament

March Madness Makes Us Mad: BRACKET REACTIONS

Also: Happy

Big Ten Tourney: Championship Open Thread

Will The One True P Stand Up?

Four Games in Chicago: A Recap of the Friday’s Quarterfinal Action

Bracketology: YOU* DID IT!

*does not apply to michigan or wisconsin

Big Ten Tourney: Day Four Open Thread

The Final Four of The Big Ten’s Fourteen

Michigan’s Season Ends with Loss to Rutgers in Big Ten Tourney

Big Ten Basketball: Day 3 Open Thread

Here come the Kings of the B1G (and Northwestern)

Can a Big Ten Team Actually Win a Title?

Spoiler alert....probably not.


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