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We Still Think Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Can Win The Big Ten West In 2022

Did they pick up all the Legos off the floor yet?

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Nebraska Football Defense/Special Teams Preview...and a Footless Goose? B1G 2022, Potluck #3

We thought cars painted and half-buried in the ground was totally overdone, so we’re looking to a new icon for Nebraska...and metaphor for Huskers football.

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So, Dead Read, How’s Nebraska Football Going?

I am almost speechless.

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B1G 2022 // Men Ain’t S*** - A Look at the State of Nebraska Athletics

A look into other Husker sports —the women sports!

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The Latest

Nebraska Potluck #2: Balloons Popping, Left and Right (an Offense Preview)

It’s up to a former UMass head coach and a former Texas quarterback to do it. Or will the Huskers FINALLY run the damn ball for Don in Stromsburg?

B1G 2022, Nebraska Potluck #1: Can we fix this turkey?

Omaha innovation and Lincoln stagnation.

Nebraska Football 2022: What exactly are we doing here?

Three scenarios for Nebraska Football in 2022

Northwestern Football is Just a Broke-Down Farm Stand

In the age of NIL, if you can’t compete you are a farm team

Malort and Maybe A Motor City Bowl Trip? - Northwestern Pot Luck #4

We’re finally free...after we get through one last potluck.

Things aren’t all terrible! Sports Northwestern is Good At

From bases to buzzers, it’s not all despair in Evanston.

Northwestern Athletics At A Crossroads: How Do The Wildcats Survive 2022 And Beyond?

Has the game changed on Northwestern to an existential degree?

Pizza and Predatory Purring Purple People: Pot Luck #3

Let us defend the deep dish pizza and question if Northwestern can defend.

B1G 2022 // Northwestern defense preview

UGHHHHHHHH. This is not what we had in mind last season! Pass the Malört and get the catapult ready.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Slants and Blunts: Talking Northwestern Quarterbacks // Potluck #2

Grab something to take the edge off, because it’s time to talk about the Northwestern quarterback situation.


B1G 2022 // Northwestern Offense Preview

How the hell can I make lemonade out of this lemon?

Hot Italian Beef and a hot seat? Northwestern Potluck #1

Pat Fitzgerald’s Best Days are Probably Behind Him: A 2022 Northwestern Football Preview

The emperor’s got no clothes, and you all get to spend the next 6-8 years pointing and laughing until Jim O’Neill gets fired.

B1G 2022 // Indiana Week: Why I hate Indiana and you should too

No, I’m serious. You should hate these guys not pity them

2022 Record Predictions with More Gravy, Please: Indiana Potluck #4

All the better to help you swallow a 4-8 season!

Can the Indiana Hoosiers Rebound From a Nightmare? Why is Our Podcast So Nice To Them?

BuffKomodo joins us for a State Of The Program(s)

B1G 2022 // Indiana Week: The Odious Odor of Optimism

This is actually not too bad, even by B1G East standards.

Is Southern Indiana in the Midwest? Is there a better looking coach than Walt Bell? // Indiana Potluck #3

Because the world isn’t fair, grab a fried biscuit and come argue about some things.

B1G 2022 // Indiana Week: Offense, Oh Where Art Thou?

Enter George Clooney with a banjo.

Is Indiana to blame for Cincinnati Chili? Hoosier Potluck Preview #2

All the regional cringe you can handle, from Bourbon Barrels to Cincinnati Chili to a modest proposal featuring Iowa State more disgusting than anything featuring noodles in meat sauce.

B1G 2022 // Indiana Week: The Confuzzling Coaching Changes Continue

How much D could a DC see, if a DC could see or call plays?

Piss, Vinegar, Love Each Other, and Mangoes: Indiana Potluck #1

A regional misunderstanding yields you pickles when you expected fruit, and a misunderstanding in whether Indiana was actually good might’ve cost you some money in 2021.

B1G 2022 // Indiana Hoosier Football Cocktail Party Preview

Look who’s back, back, back, back again, ‘gain, ‘ the bottom....

In Solidarity, OTE Amplifies and Supports: Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Support from across the Big Ten.

Big Ten 2022 Position Rankings: Quarterbacks

Did you know? No quarterback in the Big Ten threw for fewer than six interceptions last season.

Big Ten 2022 Preseason Rankings: Linebackers

This Week in B1G Drama

Basketball Transfer Edition

2022 NFL Draft Day 2 Recap, Day 3 Open Thread

2022 NFL Draft Day 1 Recap, Day 2 Open Thread

Big Ten Preseason 2022 “Position” Rankings: The Head Coaches

Is Kirk the best coach? What about the best emperor?

Oh right, the NFL Draft. A Thread!

Who from the Big Ten is likely to get drafted? Let me explain to you the transactional nature of this article, in which you click on it so I can feed my cat and also tell YOU things about Iowa linemen with short arms.


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