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OTE Mailbag Responses: Whoops.

Football and football-related questions!

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Week 4: B1G Early Game Thread

Weasels. On. Parade.

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25 Years of Ignominy: Indiana Football and the AP Poll

A shame so old, it can now rent a car on its own.

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Big Ten Football Week 4 Picks and Predictions

Michigan and wisconsin headline, but Michigan State and Northwestern will grab the PUNT flag and run with it.

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The Latest

Big Ten Football 2019 Week 4 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

I think I’m broken


After sweating all day, I suffered from a "dehydration" headache the next morning.

DWT;WT, Week 4: A Dental Hygienist Examines the Mascots

Your Week 4 college football schedule roundup looks at the teeth of the Big Ten, a new Team of Choice, and proposes to fix Week 0 and Week 1 of the season.

Hey Look! An Important Game! Let’s Watch Jim Harbaugh Choke! Big Ten Football Week 4 Preview Podcast

Is Rutgers-BC the game of the week?

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Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: 2019 Week 05

Lovie Smith’s A Huge Disaster: Big Ten Football 2019 Week 3 In Review (Natty Ice Edition)

Big Ten Shit Week strikes again

Big Ten Week 3 Power Poll: When Pepsi Just Isn’t OK

Have a Coke and SMILE!

Week 3 Awards - Fire Pat Narduzzi

Ohio State cleaned up, Illinois won (again!), and we laugh at Pat Narduzzi

Off Beat Empire: Be Excellent to Each Other

A Tuba is not a driving range ball collector

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Stew’s Accurate Rating System: Week 3

Nope, just not gonna talk about it.

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ATS Results Wk 3: Let's Pretend It Never Happened

Off Tackle Empire Obligatory ATS Contest - Week 4

Actual B1G Season is here. Wager and Rejoice!

Fall’s Tarts, Week Three: Mark Dantonio Special Edition

To East Lansing, With Love

Lovie Smith Fired as Defensive Coordinator by Illinois Fighting Illini Head Coach Lovie Smith

Another defensive meltdown precipitated changes in the coaching staff

B1G Stock Market Game: Week 3

Week 3: B1G Stock Report

There Have Been Better Weeks

OTE Mailbag Request: “What the hell was that?” Edition

I’m sure there are plenty of questions to be asked after whatever the hell that was.

Sunday Morning Coming Down // Week 3

It’s Oh Sh*t Week in the B1G

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B1G Survivor 2019 Week 4

Big Ten Football Week 3 Previews, Picks, Predictions

¡EL ASSICO! and friends—in a weekend of weird rivalries and bad football, will we have the schadenfreude of any Big Ten upsets?

Big Ten Football Week 3 Preview in MS Paint Infographics: Who’s the King of the East?

The Far East that is

Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 3

"College football is stupid I’m going to go drink in a field."

Of Course Ohio State Football is Struggling to Sell Season Tickets: There’s a Hype Ceiling

Who’s going to get irrationally excited about the 2019 Buckeyes?

The Weekly Mailbag Definitely Has a Least-Favorite B1G Stadium.

Most of us answer random questions about B1G football, but Beez came up short.

The Week 3 Schedule and the Dumbest Road Trips We’ve Taken for Our Team

You’d think driving 24 hours to watch a 5-score loss to Tennessee would be the worst of the worst. You’d be wrong.

Only Penn State Can Beat Penn State In Week 3: Big Ten Football Preview Podcast

Week Two Power Poll: Apple Products!

You know you want to buy that new iPhone, Watch, and iPad... Don’t deny it..

Breaking: College Gameday No Longer Headed to Ames

Ames seen as unfit to host after ESPN crew actually goes there.

Week 2 Awards - Punter Scandal

Illinois won an award! So did Rutgers!!!

This is Not the Jim Harbaugh that Michigan Paid For

Is the Big Ten West predictable again?

Off Beat Empire: Back for More

Your Source for all things Baton Twirling

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Week 2 B1G Power Poll: Jimmy Buffett Edition


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