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Off Beat Empire: Finale Traditions

March of the Steelmen

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Uh-Oh, Ohio State: New CFP Rankings Released

The Buckeyes stay at 10 in the new College Football Playoff rankings. Is it Michigan or bust for the conference?

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Bowl Projections, Post-Week 12: How the Big Ten can give us UCF in the Playoff

Hint: Lots of purple in your future, Knights. Also, we look at which combination of Purdue/Indiana, Minnesota, and Maryland is most likely to make a bowl game and ask if wisconsin gets $15 avocado toast in San Francisco or New York.

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Best Cat Gifs: An OTE Fan Power Poll

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The Latest

B1G Historical Perspective: Strike a Pose

Desmond Howard cemented his spot in infamy on November 23, 1991

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

B1G Players of the Week: Week 12

B1G Basketball: Who’s hotter, Iowa or Michigan?

Iowa upset Oregon and UConn to win the 2K Classic, Michigan cruises through Hall of Fame Classic, and even though Purdue fell just short in Charleston, the Big Ten’s basketball lineup is looking strong.

Week 12: B1G Stock Report

Resistible Forces Meet Movable Objects

The B1G Mailbag Request Is Getting Ready For Rivalry Week.

Big Ten Basketball Sunday Open Thread

So the previews of non-conference tournaments didn’t go well. But Michigan’s in Connecticut, Purdue goes for the title in Charleston, and Minnesota takes on Texas A&M in Vancouver.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Influenza Edition

What is Bad for the Big Ten is Great for College Football, and I am ok with that.

I wouldn’t trade this weekend for anything

Big Ten Football 2018 Week 12 Preview in MS Paint Infographics: ReVennge Of The Diagrams

Overcompensating for lack of Venn Diagrams in last week’s

Big Ten Week 12 Picks and Predictions: Purdue, Minnesota should become bowl-eligible tomorrow

On a weekend of...whelming(?), which will be the cream to rise to the top? We’ve got a whole slate of bad, bad Midwestern football — and if you’re lucky, there might even be some snow!

Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 12

Our weekly tour around the country to see how our "writers" will be enjoying football season

Is Jalen Rose Off His Rocker About Zion Williamson?

I don’t think so

The Mailbag Responses Focus on Cats and Sadness.

Don’t Watch This; Watch That: The Absurdity of It All

Remember when all Northwestern-Akron conjured up was a dude reading Miss Lonelyhearts during an NIT game in Welsh-Ryan? Simpler times.

All Down to Michigan and Ohio State: Big Ten Football Week 12 Preview Podcast

Is there any way the East doesn’t go through Columbus?

Better Know a Non-Con Tournament: Purdue at the Charleston Classic

The Purdue Boilermakers head to Charleston seeking a Quadrant I win or two.

Power Poll: Hogwarts Teachers from Harry Potter

The Wizarding World and Hogwarts meets the Big Ten during football season in time for the premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald!

Off Beat Empire: Dance Squads

Northwestern and the Soft Parade: Week 11 in the Big Ten in Review (Podcast 11/14/18)

Plus, Penn State equals Rutgers

The Big Ten in the College Football Playoff Rankings: Is it all on Michigan?

plus lol northwestern’s ranked

Gavitt Games Previews, Midweek Hoops Open Thread: Big Ten, Big East try to avoid a fourth straight tie

Grab your sister and pucker up, if history is any indication—we’ve got the schedule, times, TV information and betting odds for all the Gavitt Games.

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Post-Week 11: Potential Bucket Game Excitement

Indiana and Purdue sit on the cusp of bowl eligibility, while Northwestern has a case for Roses and Citrus? Grab a drink.

B1G Historical Perspective: $20,000 a Point

After a 3-3 first quarter, points were plentiful for Penn State and Brigham Young in the 1989 Holiday Bowl.

B1G Players of the Week: Week 11

Turns out you can win POTW and Boner of the Week in the same week!

Big Ten Basketball: Weekend Recaps, Monday Previews

Ahead of the Gavitt Games, the Big Ten has avoided a bad loss and has a couple good-looking teams in Minnesota and Penn State threatening to challenge the top tier.

Fall’s Tarts: The Silly, The Stupid, The Six-Win West Division Champions-y in the Big Ten in Week Eleven

In which StewMonkey sets himself on fire, and some Big Ten teams do too.

Mailbag! Fresh Hot Takes on a Cold Day

We sagely answer all your burning questions about the Big Ten and superheroes.

Don’t Watch This; Watch That — Week 11 College Football Schedule, plus THE BEST CULVER’S IN WISCONSIN


The Disappointment Bowl: Previewing Big Ten Football in Week 11 (Podcast 11/8/18)

The one-time Big Ten Title Game preview

Big Ten Power Poll, Week 10: Movie Monsters

This Power Poll is Monstrously Awesome

Michigan Continues its Run with a 42-7 Victory over Penn State

Penn State Takes A Dirt Nap: CreightonM Joins OTE Podcast To Review Week 10 of Big Ten Football Action

Tommy Stevens sounds like the drummer from a hair metal band


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