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Iowa Hawkeyes Tractor Pull and Cocktail Party Preview // B1G 2022

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Ohio State’s history against USC, UCLA

History suggests the Buckeyes won’t like the expanded B1G

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Can The Empire Strike Back, or are Ryan Day’s Ohio State Buckeyes On The Verge Of Falling Off?

PODCAST: Is this battle station fully operational?

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The Latest

The Big Question: Will OSU’s Defense Still Suck?

I mean that’s the question

Citation Needed: Ohio State’s Defense Will Be Better in 2022

And what the hell is Serbian chicken, anyway?

Should Ohio State leave the Big Ten for the SEC? // Buckeyes Potluck Preview #1

Fine dining in Ohio, and whether the South has won the Waffle War.

THE Ohio State Preview: Offense

Batten Down Your Hatches

The Dutch, Doughnuts, and Potential Defeats: 2022 Michigan State Football Predictions

How will Michigan State finish the 2022 season?

B1G 2022 // Michigan State Hockey: Adam Nightingale Takes Over

Is Mel Tucker Coming, Going Or Staying? Michigan State Spartans Football 2022 Preview PODCAST

Was there a pass defense in the transfer portal?

B1G 2022 // Effrem Reed’s Big Opportunity

Hot Grapes! Potluck #3 Drops the Ball

We’re talking fruit temperatures and Sparty’s lukewarm pass defense.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Big Ten Media Days, Wednesday Schedule: OMG!!! Can you BELIEVE what Jim Harbaugh said?!?!?!?

A simple mnemonic to help you remember today’s order: PIMSRPSWO. Got it?

B1G 2022 // Michigan State’s Search For Defensive Air Superiority

B1G 2022 // Michigan State’s Brandon Jordan Gambit

Hot Dog! It’s the Transfer Portal! // Sparty Potluck Preview #2

The Tuesday Potluck talks wieners, winners, and Walker.

Big Ten Media Days: Day 1 Open Thread

Will Pat Fitzgerald decry the Penn State union? Will Jim Harbaugh come to us live from outside an abortion clinic? STAY TUNED!

B1G 2022 // Michigan State’s Offense After K9

Meijer Monday: Filling Our Carts with Peach (Bowls) and Bad Sequels

The Potluck Talks Groceries and Tough Acts to Follow

B1G 2022 // Marco Coleman And The NFL Angle


B1G 2022 // Michigan State Cocktail Party

From a preseason win total O/U of four to eleven wins and Peach Bowl champs, 2021 was a crushing success for Michigan State. So what’s Mel Tucker do for an encore?

B1G 2022 // The plausible, practical, totally realistic case for Minnesota to go 0-12 in 2022.

A Minnesota hate piece

Porketta and Predictions: Can the Gophers do ANYTHING right? // Minnesota Potluck #4

Can the Gophers FINALLY win the Big Ten West? Plus, talking the revenge game you most want your team to win...and what’s porketta?

Minnesota and Aggressive Mediocrity // Potluck Preview #3

Plus, let’s grab a pint and a pie down by Waseca.

Is Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Stagnating Under PJ Fleck?

And would that be the worst thing in the world?

B1G 2022 // The plausible, practical, totally realistic case for Minnesota to go 12-0 in 2022.

B1G 2022 // Tackling the Minnesota Defense

I hope I don’t run out of terrible puns before the end of Minnesota week. a more iconic QB-RB duo? // Minnesota Potluck Preview #2

Tanner Morgan and Mo Ibrahim, back for Round 8 or so. Can Kirk Ciarrocca put all the pieces together again?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Row the Boat // Minnesota Potluck Preview #1

Or...Row the Beet? A sugary sweet preview of Minnesota’s progress under the man we call Peejus.

B1G 2022 // Let’s take a run at the Minnesota offense.

This one’s going to be as familiar as an old flannel shirt, donchaknow.

B1G 2022 // It’s Minnesota Week!

Grab a chair, and maybe sit in it too eh?

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B1G Expansion Candidates Part 3: the Longshots

From Tobacco Road to the Golden Gate and the Great Plains to the Great Basin, who's a longshot for Big Ten membership?

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B1G Expansion Candidates Part 2: the Big(ish) Dogs

A list of the 17 schools with enough appeal to deserve a Big Ten invite -- and a bogus Notre Dame rumor that accidentally raises a good point.

In Solidarity, OTE Amplifies and Supports: Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Support from across the Big Ten.


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