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Big Ten Basketball: Midweek Previews and Open Thread

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Big Ten Basketball: Weekend Recaps

Wha happened?

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Bubble Watch: Which Big Ten Teams Will Make The NCAA Tournament?

With roughly six games to go for all Big Ten teams, who is poised to make an NCAA Tournament bid?

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The Case for Lacrosse

To supplant American Football. Yes, you read that right.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

2018 Big Ten Football Season Review and Recaps


Big Ten Weekend Basketball Previews and Open Thread

In which you’ll probably miss the best game of the weekend.

The NCAA(‘s Waivers System) Needs to be Abolished

It’s time to stop letting the worst possible decision makers make decisions

Big Ten Bracketology: Three two-seeds?


B1G Lacrosse 2019 // Recapreview

All Big Ten teams are officially in season! ...Johns Hopkins... what are you doing...

Game of Thrones, but with Big Ten Football

It’s like a power poll but without the poll!

I Hate You, I Love You, I Hate That I Love You: A Very Big Ten Valentine’s Day

Our feelings towards our favorite teams are... complicated.

Automation Will Soon Eliminate These Ten Jobs in College Football

Cognitive Solutions and Optimization come to the B1G

The best road non-conference games on the 2019 Big Ten schedule

Whether it’s because school ain’t in session or respect for the home-and-home, here are the best Big Ten non-conference games played outside the ol’ Western Conference in 2019.

Big Ten Basketball: Weeknight Open Thread

Come talk Big Ten hoops with us!

The Ferentz Family Takes a Vacation


These are Big Ten basketball recaps and if you didn’t know that already, you can just sit and swivel.

Rutgers Football 2018 Season Review

Postmortem of the Scarlet Knights

Football’s Back (Kind Of)! AAF Week 1 Open Thread

It’s football-adjacent! Come remember some guys and talk about the Big Ten players in the AAF, starting Saturday night!

FIRST TO 50 WINS: Big Ten Basketball Weekend Open Thread


Ten Iconic Moments in Illinutgers History: What’s The Greatest Moment From This Big Ten Rivalry?

Say There, Lovie Smith, What The Fuck Do You Think You’re Doing?

Lovie hires an assistant coach.

Controversy mars Maryland-Nebraska, wisconsin-Minnesota, Iowa-Indiana...and Sparty’s swoon continues

Plus, a special appeal to watchers of Big Ten basketball.

Michigan Postmortem: Revenge Tour Comes Up Short

Michigan’s 2018 season could be described many ways. Uneventful isn’t one of them.

Nebraska Post-Mortem: A Year That Was

Ope there goes gravity

Curling Curner: US Men’s Nationals Preview

Big Ten Bracketology: The Conference of 5-Seeds, Rutgers in the CBI?

The dreams of 10 teams and 2 one-seeds look dead, so let’s find the next-best (not really) thing: ALL THE FIVE SEEDS.

Nebraska Coach and Fans Irate As Fernando Lands On Borchardt In Terps Win

Tim Miles received a technical foul as the refs refused to call a foul on this play as Bruno Fernando appeared to land and step on Tanner Borchardt.

B1G 2019 Lacrosse // Season Opener Recap

Real games! Also, is anyone reading these?

National Signing Day 2019 Big Ten Edition

Where we pretend that Early Signing Day is not the actual signing day. Oh, and let’s just go ahead and make this the open thread.

Who’s Exceeding Expectations? Big Ten Basketball Mid-Season Stock Market Report

Now that we’re halfway through conference play, who’s outperformed their expectations?

Curling Curner: US Women’s Nationals Preview

Who’s going to be competing in Kalamazoo?

Indiana Topples Michigan State — is Iowa next? Midweek Basketball Previews, Open Thread

Minnesota shoots for the Border Battle sweep, Nebraska’s running out of time, and Penn State...might not be dead yet?

Who’s Tight End U?

That headline doesn’t look good, in retrospect.

How This Season Proved The Big Ten Is Better Than The NFL

Forget the pros. We can do everything better


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