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Week 8: B1G Afternoon Game Thread

Time to Find the BTN Alternate Channels

Week 8: B1G Early Game Thread

A Clash Of Most Hated Rivals

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Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: 2019 Week 08

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2019 ATS Results, Week 7: That Lovin' Feeling

Off Tackle Empire Obligatory ATS Contest - Week 8

Because Pickin’ Ain’t Easy

Week 8: B1G Friday Game Thread

People are going to actually watch this.

Mailbag: Who has the most predictable offense in the Big Ten

Unlike our questions, a few teams are as stale as cheap hot dog buns left out for a 3-day weekend.

Lambs To Slaughter Week: Off Talkle Empire Searches For Meaning Previewing Week 8 of Big Ten Football

Are we all just waiting for next week?

Big Ten Week 8 Picks and Predictions: 5 Routs and a Funeral

It’s up to you to decide which is which.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.


"I will worry about precisely zero of your shit teams and enjoy dancing like an idiot"

DICKTRIPS GALORE! Off Talkle Empire Recaps A Slow Week in Big Ten Football

Such a long list of nominations for Dicktrip Of The Week

DWT;WT: Week 8 College Football Schedule, plus a maddening quiz to name all the cities in America

In which we promote new spellings of Ragin’ Cajuns, marvel at how bad the ACC and Big XII might be, and defend Hawaii football...

PAWer Poll: The B1G Power Poll Week 6

B1G Butt Trophy Update: LOL Buttgers

Big Ten Players of the Week: Week 7

This week’s OTE POTW is looking deep, deep into your soul

Bowl Projections: 3B1GNY6?

Bump everyone up a slot and see where the chips fall? Just kidding, there are probably still two SEC teams in the Playoff.

B1G Stock Market Game: Week 7

Week 7: B1G Stock Report

When the book of this season is written...I will skip this chapter.

The Weekly Mailbag Won’t Get Shut Out

Like a pointless last-minute FG, we’re here to get something.

Sunday Morning Coming Down // Week 7

Rowing right through a Frost warning

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B1G Survivor 2019 Week 8

Week 7: B1G Evening Game Thread

B1G After Dark: Let’s Get Weird

Mailbag & Friday Open Thread: Who would you add to the Big Ten, pre-1990?

Because it’s never too early to get stupid.

Big Ten Football Week 7 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Previewing Week 7 for those of you who don’t like to read

Big Ten Football Week 7 Picks

We pick games. Why is Rutgers in the Big Ten.


"I need something a little stronger to make the pain go away"

How Long Can Minnesota Keep This Up? Off Tackle Empire Podcast Previews Week 7 of Big Ten Football

Congrats on beating illinois i guess?

Lovie Smith Is A Huge Disaster: The Theme Song For 2019 Illinois Fighting Illini Football

Presenting a new anthem for Illini Football

Don’t Watch This; Watch That: The Anatomy of a College Midterm

In which we put the fear of God in some 16-24 year-olds’ hearts and also pretend we’re not screwing around on the internet at work, just like they are in class.

Off Tackle Empire Podcast Has Had Enough Of Big Ten Football: Week 6 In Review

To hell with this!

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ATS Results, Week 6: Hitting Our Stride

Off Tackle Empire Obligatory ATS Contest - Week 7 - UPDATED - PLEASE READ

Get the best number. Avoid the Bad Beat. Right, Penn State Fans?


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