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A Very Wisconsin Potluck: Weird changes for changes’ sake?

From the Dairy Raid to brandy in an Old Fashioned, we discuss Wisconsin changing things that already worked and making them...well, weirder.

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(UPDATE) NBA Draft Decision Day 2023 Is Here, And Big Ten Basketball Has A Lot At Stake

Some teams will have their 2023-24 seasons decided today!

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Wisconsin 2023: The “Dairy Raid” Unleashed

Or "Dairy Air Raid." Or something. This whole passing thing is still new to us.

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Wisconsin 2023: Mailbag

All questions a manner consistent with how they’re asked

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The Latest

Wisconsin 2023: Who is Wisconsin Now? What is the B1G Now?

Not just the faces, but the program. Not just the program, but the conference as a whole?

B1G 2023: Wisconsin. So What’s New?

It would take less time to mention what hasn’t changed...

Indiana is hapless, punchless, and hopeless

Factoids and nuggets that plumb the depths of Indiana’s historic awfulness

Reliving Our Favorite Gary Barta Moments with the Iowa Hawkeyes

Madness? This. Is. BARTA!

This stream has:

2023 Big Ten March Madness Hub

EIGHT women’s and ELEVEN men’s teams in action for the Big Ten across the 2023 basketball postseason—here’s your hub for ALL the Big Ten hoops coverage.

Rapid Reaction: Gary Barta to step down as Iowa Hawkeyes athletic director

Expected to announce his retirement today

Welcome to Indiana Hoosiers Hate Day 2023

WHO? oh, SURE they exist

Indiana Week Special: The 500 Blackout, Crossroad Classic, Kentucky Hate, and Answering Your Questions

At minimum, this should provide you with good pooping material.

College Football World Reacts: Michigan State To Play Penn State At Ford Field on Black Friday

You won’t BELIEVE these shocking revelations.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

B1G 2023: Indiana Final Predictions

I predict the Bloomington liquor stores will do just fine.

In Solidarity, OTE Amplifies and Supports: Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Support from across the Big Ten.

Indiana Week Special: Indiana Basketball is Back?

Oh, the clickbait. I love it.

B1G 2023: The Indiana Defense

...lotta new faces here. SIT DOWN A-A-RON.

Indiana Week Special: The Case FOR Tom Allen

This and the basketball piece will be the most optimistic parts of Indiana Week.

Who’s Your Big Ten School’s Shemy Shembechler?

A thought exercise.

B1G 2023: The Indiana Hoosiers Offensive Offense

This offense may be offensive.

B1G 2023: Indiana Week Mailbag

Dear god, I hope this goes well.

On Apologizing for Being a Racist Piece of Garbage

Ol’ Shemy Schembechler got fired at Michigan. But you’ll be happy to know that in the span of a weekend, he’s learned his lesson!

B1G 2023: Indiana and the Familiar Feeling of Pessimism

If you’re looking for optimism, we’re fresh out of that. Zuzu used it all on Rutgers week.

Inspire me, Rutgers

"When I was in college, Rutgers Football had three bowl game seasons in a row!" "That’s nice, now let’s get you to bed."

How Hot Is Greg Schiano’s Seat?

An uneducated look from B1G West country.

Rutgers Went Undefeated In Men’s Basketball And Football In 1976 And Nobody Cared

It’s not just because they’re not winning

Nobody Cares About Rutgers Football

Let’s Talk Hoops!!!


A Champagne Hangover Even Fried Chicken Can’t Cure: Predicting Northwestern Football’s 2023 Record

Cash only. Eat the bread.

Three transfers and one dead weight: 2023 Northwestern Special Teams!

A transfer-laden specialist core with one (OK, maybe a second) glaring weakness.

Northwestern Defense Preview: It can’t get any worse, right?

Jim O’Neil’s gone. What can his replacement do?

Northwestern: Something Less Than Hate

A long-term look at the Wildcats

Do you miss Mick McCall yet? A Northwestern Offense Preview

Stop me if you’ve heard this before—Northwestern has a couple talented running backs and a transfer quarterback. Why is THIS Pat Fitzgerald offense different?

Big Ten Running Backs 2023: The Ford Fiestas

Who needs third gear?

B1G 2023: Northwestern week: Say hello to the new Ryan Field!

A longtime Northwestern season ticket holder is thrilled we’re getting a new stadium! Let’s dive in

2023 Northwestern Wildcats Cocktail Party Preview: Time to blow it up?

Pat Fitzgerald used to do more with less than any coach in the country. Now...uh...


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