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Holes in the Cheese? OTE Podcast Breaks Down 2019 Wisconsin Badgers Football

Let’s have a little chat, wisconsin.

I think we need to go over a few things, friends.

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wisconsin Record Predictions // B1G 2019, Potluck #4

Can the badgers ride a home-heavy front half of the schedule to a return to the Big Ten Championship?

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The Latest

Big Ten Media Days 2019: Schedule, Time, TV, Open Thread

We’ve got your details for the 2019 Big Ten Football Media Days, live! from the Hilton in Chicago.

Wisconsin Badgers Football: 2019 Preview Mailbag!

You supplied us the questions, we’re supplying you words in return

A Good, Old-Fashioned Defense

And defense of a good Old Fashioned

Wisconsin Badgers Football: 2019 is a Bounceback Year for the Defense

At least that’s what we’re all hoping

B1G 2019

Better Know a B1G Blog: Bucky’s 5th Quarter

Meet the folks responsible for bringing you all the hottest takes on Wisconsin football, basketball, and beer!

Beers. Barry. Badgerstar Galactica.

It’s Day 2 of Wisconsin Week, and we’re talking good beers and mediocre QBs.

Wisconsin Badgers Football: Paul Chryst Previews the 2019 Offense

Running, passing, it’s all here. Except maybe passing.

B1G 2019: Wisconsin Week Mailbag Request

Help us generate #content for later in the week

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Butter Burgers and Whirling Badgers: Welcome to Wisconsin Week!

The B1G Potluck Parties On With the Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin Badgers Football: 2019 Preview of Your Favorite Team

You know it’s true, so join us in rooting for a bounceback year

Big Ten Non-Conference Schedule: Bill Connelly’s Team-by-Team Previews

A conference-specific list of what to expect in the non-conference.

2019 Big Ten Spring Previews and Position Rankings

Did Ohio State Rid It’self of Urban Blight, or are Dark Days Ahead?

Football season is around the corner, get ready to talk about an ex coach, a lot

Doom, Gloom, and Lucy’s Football: Why #9Windiana is an Impossible Dream

Why Indiana Hoosiers football in 2019 will not even sniff 9 wins: The schedule, the players, the coach.

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Iowa: The Best Team to Never Matter

Batman42 brings the hate to the Hawkeyes

Welcome Home

Everyone loves them some Hawkeyes!

Off Talkle Empire Struggles To Make 2019 Iowa Football Compelling // B1G 2019

We’ve reached steady-state conditions

Better Know an Iowa Icon: Meet Hawkeye Elvis!

The man, the myth, the bejeweled legend squeezes his 6’6" frame into the interview chair to tell us about life as one of the most visible Hawkeye fans.

Quiz Time! Name every Iowa Hawkeye to register a punt under Kirk Ferentz.

Every. Single. Punt.

That familiar smell of 8-4: Iowa Record Predictions

Every few years it’ll be Crunch Berry Day in Cedar Rapids, but more often than not you’re getting the same lumpy bowl of oatmeal. We talk familiar smells, familiar opponents, and familiar record predictions for the Hawkeyes.

The Ballad of Reggie Roby

Honoring the greatest punter of all time for Iowa week

Better Know a B1G Blog: Black Heart Gold Pants

Thoughts on the reign of Gary Barta and Kirk Ferentz, where to tailgate in Iowa City, and why fall weddings are basically a terrorist act—it must be one of the most irreverent Iowa blogs out there.

Potluck: Big-Ass Turkey Legs, Defense, and Punting—what could be more Iowa?

Can a pair of new safeties keep the Hawkeyes’ secondary from crumbling against aerial attacks? Also, A.J. Epenesa is good and you just better get used to it.

Quiz Time! Name Every Iowa Hawkeye To Score A Touchdown Under Kirk Ferentz

Yes. Every. Single. One.

A Cautionary Tale

Never go full Pelini

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B1Gger Things and Stranger Things

Down two tight ends, where does Iowa’s offense turn next?

TJ Hockenson and Noah Fant are gone, and we’re about to learn just how good Nate Stanley is.

The Parker Brothers*: Phil Parker and the Evolution of the Iowa Hawkeye Defense.

*In fact, unrelated.

Iowa Hawkeyes Football: 2019 Cocktail Party Preview

Is this the year for Iowa to cycle up? Or did they miss their chance in 2018?

Can you ever replace Kirk Ferentz?

Heading off the beaten path for beer, and a well-worn path to 8-4.

Predicting the Random Number Generator That Is Michigan State Spartans Football in 2019

Two weeks late due to technical difficulties


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