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First Annual Big 10 Quarterback Rankings

Bob Griese. Chuck Long. Tom Brady. Troy Smith. Although the Big 10 isn't known as the quarterback conference of college football, these aforementioned signal callers certainly held their own at the college or professional level. So in honor of the possibility that you sit by Terrelle Pryor in English 111, here is The Rivalry's First Annual Big 10 Quarterback Rankings.

Frankly, this year's Big 10 doesn't contain a bumper crop of quarterbacks, but conference play will answer many questions: How will Brian Hoyer react when an opposing team finally stops Javon Ringer? Will Steven Threet continue sabotaging the Michigan offense? Will Terrelle Pryor lead the Bucks to a Big 10 title?

I only ranked the probable starters for this week, so my apologies to Ben Chappell, Todd Boeckman, and Jake Christensen (who I almost jokingly ranked #198).

Team Comments


Daryll Clark


Most efficient Big 10 QB has shown dual threat capability.


Terrelle Pryor


Only played extensively in three games, but already looks comfortable and scary in the Buckeye offense.


Juice Wiliams


Tied with Bacher for Big 10 lead in picks, to no one's surprise. Made a couple big-time throws to Benn against PSU.


C.J. Bacher


Big 10 POW may be inaccurate at times, but he led a beautiful comeback versus Iowa.


Curtis Painter


Big stats, little results. Painter underperformed against ND and Oregon. Doesn't look like 4 year vet.


Adam Weber


Gopher offense demands short, accurate throws and Weber has made them successfully, leading Big 10 in completion percentage.


Ricky Stanzi


Stan the Man has captured the starting spot (maybe) and was competent but not spectacular versus Northwestern.


Brian Hoyer


This handoff machine hasn't had to do much since Javon Ringer started going wild, but didn't show much confidence in Cali game.


Allen Evridge


Another handoff machine; the coaches don't trust him to go throw down the field.


Kellen Lewis


As one Hoosier quipped, "Someone has to make plays...and Lewis is our only playmaker." Coaches support his decision making so much that he split time with Ben Chappell versus MSU.


Steven Threet


Apparently once was an Elite 11 quarterback, a mind boggling fact. Has airmailed throw after ugly throw, doesn't have any touch to short passes...Lowest rated starting QB in Big 10.