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Big 10 Quarterback Rankings: 2nd Edition

A couple weeks ago, I ranked the Big 10 quarterbacks. In doing so, I probably should have put an asterisk with a disclaimer saying, "More Information Needed." My rankings inspired one inter-blog tiff and some disagreements about the merits of Juice Williams' arm. Now that more is known about each Big 10 signal caller, this 2nd edition of the rankings should be more accurate and extensive, but still clear as mud. Which Wolverine QB do I rank? Who was the better quarterback in the Illinois-Minnesota game? What in the hell has happened to Curtis Painter? Here comes The Rivalry's Big 10 Quarterback Rankings, 2nd Edition.

Note: I will rate Dustin Sherer of Wisconsin after he's thrown some passes.

Team Comments


Daryll Clark


Still efficient, still dangerous...still no losses. Showed his red zone mettle by running through tackles at the goal line to score twice against Wisconsin. First chink in his armor: Does not always throw an accurate short ball.


Juice Wiliams


Sacked five times against Minnesota - some were his fault for holding the ball too long, sometimes his O Line missed blocks or got beat. The loss to Minnesota doesn't offset the fact that he has showcased his improved throwing motion to the tune of 772 total yards in two games. Oh and he ran for 162 yards in those two games also.


Adam Weber


That ruckus you hear is the sound of Minnesota fans killing my security guards on their way to kidnap me. I know he beat Indiana, I know he didn't make any mistakes against Illinois...But he doesn't have the talent, nor the offensive responsbility of Juice. Weber's game average: 20-29, 230 yards, 1 TD...thats solid. I promise I don't hold a vendetta against Mr. Weber. Now please be gentle when you chloroform me and toss me in the back of the getaway van.


Terrelle Pryor


Unable to run or pass for big yards against UW or Purdue, but still hasn't lost a start. Is Jimmy T holding TP back by running a vanilla offense or does Pryor's option talent not translate well to hard hitting Big 10 games?


Ricky Stanzi


Efficient and confident when allowed to throw downfield. Aided by monstrous run game, slowed by conservative playcalling. How will he play when he has to keep up with juggernaut PSU?


Brian Hoyer


No gaudy statistics, just winning. Threw all kinds of good passes against NW: Quick throws to the flat, completions to the sideline, touch passes to tight ends. Coaching staff is doing a great job of calling smart, high percentage plays for him.


C.J. Bacher


2nd worst in Big 10 in TD/INT ratio, QB Rating, YDS/A. In a quick pass offense designed to maximize 3-4 yard passes, has mangled this concept by being irresponsible in the redzone and inaccurate. As the Bible says, to whom much is given, much is expected. Bacher was given an offense that does work (see Basanez, Brett) and thrown the ball all over the place, culminating in an ugly loss to MSU.


Curtis Painter


Lost his job at the end of Penn State game, got it back for OSU game...should probably be benched to prepare Joe Elliot for next year. Dropped more in my rankings than any other Big 10 QB. Once defenses roll the CB's up to slow down the quick passing game, Painter has shown no ability to improvise or put touch on his throws. Is on pace to throw for 1000 less yards than last year.


Kellen Lewis


This exciting player has bland statistics and four straight losses. As Robin Williams repeated in Good Will Hunting, it's not your fault. At least he isn't killing Indiana with interceptions and fumbles like he did in the past.


Steven Threet


Still throwing high, still sharing time with Sheridan. Threet's Elite 11 pedigree should make him more comfortable throwing downfield - but it hasn't.


Wisconsin Starting QB #1


Allen Evridge is out because the season is blown, so its time for Sherer. At least he gets to play the easier part of the schedule.