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Top Five Annoying Things About Michigan: Nos 1 & 2 Contested Championships

After much adieu, I've elected to end the series with a formidable one-two punch. First, let's get this whole runner up thing out of the way.

Top Five Annoying Things About Michigan: # 2 The Pose


In ESPN describes in its chronicle of the The 100 most memorable plays, performances, and moments that define college football:

Only four other ends had won the Heisman Trophy, but that's not what made Michigan receiver Desmond Howard's 93-yard punt return for a touchdown against Ohio State in 1991 so special. When Howard reached the end zone, he struck a Heisman pose. Innocent prank? Yes, but it also signaled a new era in the marketing of the sport's top individual award. Like politics, the Heisman became all about TV exposure.


Now, for the death blow:

Top Five Annoying Things About Michigan: # 1 Contested Championships


Sure, Michigan claims eleven National Championships.  But only three have been won since the modern era of NCAA record keeping begin in 1936. 

And, there's a problem with their athletic department's count.  ESPN only acknowledged two, when it visited Ann Arbor this summer to tape its Title Town segment.

I smell a Victorian Era rat.