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Oh Those Clever Buckeyes

Here is a preview of whats coming this week on the site. Of course I can't give you any actual content because I'm in the midst of studying for an Antitrust final, but at least there will be something to look forward to.

  • More matchups in Jon's 2008 FBS Fantasy Playoff, starting off with the first round thriller of Florida v. Texas Tech. Will Tim Tebow punch through the improved Red Raider defense? Can Graham Harrell and that big offensive line continue putting up monster numbers, even against future NFLer Brandon Spikes and the suddenly relevant Florida D?
  • A comprehensive look at the upcoming bowls. With the Big 10 underdogs in 6 out of the 7 games, we'll discuss the ins and outs of each of these matchups.
  • Don't forget to turn in your Bowl Bracket (find it here) for a chance to win a Rivalry, Esq trophy and 500 words on the site to discuss whatever you want. Cut off date for submission of a bracket is December 17 at 12:00 AM.

In the meantime, enjoy a picture of those brilliant OSU fans with another zany spelling stunt.