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Memorandum to Jim Delany


This morning poignantly asked Sports Nation whether it liked championship games in college football

Sort of looks like the electoral map from our recent presidential election, doesn't it?

The Big 10 Country breakdown is as follows:

Pennsylvania: Yes (68%), No (32%)
Ohio: Yes (65%), No (35%)
Indiana: Yes (77%), No (23%)
Michigan: Yes (75%), No (25%)
Illinois: Yes (67%), No (33%)
Wisconsin: Yes (74%), No (26%)
Minnesota: Yes (68%), No (33%)
Iowa: Yes (55%), No (45%)*

* The Hawkeye state flipped out of the red shortly after I completed my screen capture.

At present, we're looking at a modest several-thousand vote sample.  Expect the margins to increase as the day goes on.

So, we need a twelfth team.  But, we'll have to wait until 2015.  Or at least until Notre Dame's ratings drop below Strawberry Shortcake: The Festival of Friends (CBS).