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OPC Bowl Edition Scoreboard - 12/20

Opening day in the post season delivered in the form of an appetizing array of overachieving matches.  Here is your Obligatory Predictions Competition - Bowl Edition inaugural scoreboard:


1. Lady Bama Hawkeye 13
2. FSUncensored 12
3. Law Buckeye 9
4. Lakeeriemonster 7
5. Blackops 7
6. Estrada 7
7. Bama Hawkeye 6
8. PaternosGrandaughter 6
9. BaconNinja 4
10. Studbucket 4
11. Grahamfiller10 4
12. Cub2k8isnxtyearPicks 1

Crystal Ball Call: ARIZONA by 10 (Lady Bama Hawkeye).  Beginner's luck, you say.  It's really just Bama trying to play a second bracket to increase his odds of winning, you say.  Here's what I say: we know who wears the pants in this relationship.  You can imagine the following domestic interlude at the Hawkeye household tomorrow:

Bama Hawkeye: "Good morning."

Lady Bama Hawkeye: "13-6"

Bama Hawkeye: "I know -- what can I say?"

Lady Bama Hawkeye: "13-6"

Bama Hawkeye: "Very funny.  You want to make pancakes?"

Lady Bama Hawkeye: "13-6"

Bama Hawkeye: "Okay, I get it.  Don't you have anything else to say?"

Lady Bama Hawkeye: "My score is more than double your score."

Arizona 31, BYU 21.  Game, upset, spread.*  Any questions?

(* Note that had BYU managed to make their ill-fated short-range field goal late in the fourth the glory would have been all mine.)

Hindsight is 20-20: BYU by 21 (Bama Hawkeye).


Esquire Play of the Day: In what was the ballsiest call of the afternoon, Colorado state went for the endzone well within field goal range with 2 seconds remaining in the Second Quarter of The New Mexico Bowl.  The result: a 22 yard reception by Kory Sperry who rose like the mythical phoenix from double coverage and plucked Fresno State's hopes of salvaging a lukewarm season.