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BREAKING NEWS: Ohio State's Boeckman Suspected of Theft from Motor Vehicle


A police report released on September 17th by the Columbus Division of Police indicates the front passenger window on a silver Volkswagen that was parked Downtown in the Victorian Village neighborhood was broken and items were stolen from inside including a portable GPS navigation unit.

A representative for the Columbus Police, asking to remain anonymous indicated that although no fingerprints were left at the scene, a medium-sized rock (somewhat resembling a football) was found resting on the passenger seat of the vehicle, leading the investigating officer to conclude "The object had been thrown through the glass at close range -- from no more than two feet away."


Is this incomplete pass number 23 on the season for Todd Boeckman?

Columbus Police had no suspects until mid-afternoon Wednesday when an unusual tip came in from the local body shop where the vehicle had been towed for repairs.  A large depression in the metal frame surrounding the window showed the rock had not cleanly hit the glass, but rather, was "almost a full foot off target."

"That's when we knew," said the Police in a released statement to the press, "There's only one person on campus that throws that bad."

Todd Boeckman, Quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes is expected to be formally charged with theft and criminal endangering in the next 24 hours.

Coach Jim Tressel indicated at his routinely-scheduled press conference that his staff was aware of the incident and were currently waiting for more information before making a decision on a possible suspension.

"Todd is a good kid," said Tressel, "Everyone makes mistakes."

Electronic records indicate the Volkswagen is registered to Jonathan Franz, an Ohio State law student, and author of amateur Big Ten Conference weblog The Rivalry, Esq.