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Last Call Talks The Offseason

So it's sunk in.  The season is over.  Charming anxiety, adventure, and acid reflux have been replaced with simulation games on NCAA Football 09' and ESPN Classic binges.  

We've got a lot to talk about.  And that's before we even get to next year.  In the spirit of the cerebral "roadmap" law types know all too well I thought I'd take a minute to let you know what you can expect from The Rivalry, Esq. in the coming months.

Esq_bullet_medium More production, more seduction.  We're growing, sort of.  In a qualified attempt to be "The Quintessential Smoking Room" for all things Big Ten football we've resigned ourselves to creating a firm of eleven law personalities -- representative alumni of each conference institution.  If you're a law student, or law graduate of the Big 10, and you're interested in joining the club, send a writing sample to

Esq_bullet_medium From periodic, to Periodical.  If you've been reading us for a while you might remember the semi-glossy, Ivy League Newspaper excerpts we ran over the summer. 

We're committed to doing everything bloggers aren't supposed to do.  If that means writing cogent, grammatically-correct narrative essays, so be it. 

Concepts we're bringing back from the dead: The Rivalry Classics, chronicling the lost-prognosis of the game, and The Rivalry - Debates on Draft, taking-sides on some of college football's most contentious issues.

Esq_bullet_medium More mise en sceneAt the Rivalry, we believe college football is a cultural phenomenon; a movement rich with social, economic, and regional dimension.  Want to know the best spot to lick-your-fingers in Bloomington, or wet your whistle in Madison?  We'll share it. 

Fitzgerald did it.  Why can't I?  While writing this column, The Rivalry drank a Tiger Beer longneck.  With an easy, smooth mouth feel -- a la Boddingtons -- this wheat lightweight is surprisingly full-featured; a clean, linen lightly carbonated front melds into a melba toast cracker finish that works well on its own or with nigiri sushi.