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New Michigan D-Co Greg Robinson - The Basics

Greg Robinson, the head coach who turned Syracuse from an above average program into one of D1's worst programs, has been named the Defensive Coordinator for the Michigan Wolverines. I believe that of any major sport, football coaches make the biggest difference, so this hire should elicit much discussion for anyone who has an eye on the possible/probable comeback of the Maize and Blue. What do we know about Robinson's situation at Michigan, the talent he inherits, and his general attitude?
  • He inherited a rebuilding program at Syracuse and didn't rebuild successfully, failing to recruit any big time talent or make his spread offense work. He always seemed positive about his teams, losing gracefully (and in blowout fashion). Overall, his experience as head coach could be described as "horrendously disappointing."
  • He enjoys the support of most Michigan fans/players according to the Blogosphere, which is a good start to improving the worst Wolverine defense in history.
  • He's got a monster 5 star DT coming in to anchor the defense, along with a couple other 4 star recruits (more than he ever had at Syracuse). Again, not a bad sign.

Here are some early verdicts from around the Net:

Black Shoe Diaries: Hahaha Michigan is done!

ESPN: GREAT choice, G-Rob will fit perfectly!

MGOBLOG: Cautious Optimism, but hey, he did a good job elsewhere as a D-Co, right?

Troy Nunes is An Absolute Magician: Haha Michigan...Wait, we hired your record breakingly bad defensive coordinator? What the hell?