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Update on Big 10 Players in Shrine Game and Senior Bowl

The departing Big 10 football players who lack the hype or star power to skip the Senior Bowl and the Shrine Game are showing their skills off right now to interested coaches and scouts. A website called is documenting all of this and I will give you an outline of some of the storylines to come out the pre-draft period. Please check out this website sometime during the next week, its got great depth and in-person valuations.

Stock Rising

Tyrelle Sutton (NW RB): Toughness and high football IQ were illustrated at Shrine Game.

Bradley Fletcher (Iowa CB): According to BHGP, will be the best Iowa player in the draft. Impressed everyone at Shrine with aggressiveness.

Deon Butley (PSU WR): Scouts are raving at his quickness and ability to get deep on cornerbacks.

Kory Sheets (Purdue WR): Deceptive speed, great hands. Every defensive coach knew he was Purdue's playmaker and he still ran for over one thousand yard, so Sheets has done nothing to take himself out of contention for being drafted late.

Derrick Williams (PSU WR): Murdering cornerbacks in 1-on-1 situations and showing to be the most athletic player at the Senior Bowl. Hopefully he can ride this good publicity into guaranteed money.

Alex Magee (Purdue DT): Bigger than King and pushed people around during the Senior Bowl; not a bad start for a player that isn't well known. I'm going to ask Off the Tracks/Boiled Sports about him.

Seth Olsen (Iowa OL): Showed great strength against Terrence Taylor from Michigan during Shrine Game practice, still probably an undrafted FA.

Stock Staying Put

Kraig Urbik (Wisconsin OL): Powerful, but lacks agility. Doing a good job against straightforward assaults by defenders.

Alex Boone (OSU OL): Beat on Shaughnessy from Wisconsin in drills - will probably go late.

Greg Orton (Purdue WR): Not agile, but used size well against the always smaller cornerbacks.

Brian Robiskie (OSU WR): Savvy is the word used to describe him and thats his calling card. Funny quote: "Seemed to jump for passes he didn't need to." Nod those heads, Buckeye fans, nod those heads.

Xavier Fulton (Illinois OL): Reports that he was out of position.

Mitch King (Iowa DT): Faster than the other DT's, smaller than the other DT's. His well known hustle will get him a look and hopefully a late draft selection.

Brian Hoyer (MSU QB): Doesn't have the typical accuracy of an NFL QB, but played well in Shrine Game and is apparently is more athletic than anyone in East Lansing ever though. Rated better than Chase Daniell at the Shrine.