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The Rivalry Travels: Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Phoenix, AZ) - I Don't Know Who Is The Best Team In the Country, But It Ain't Texas

Hats off to the stoic Ohio State defense and quick-strike Texas offense that delivered a Tostitos Fiesta Bowl worthy of the ages.

But let's get something painfully, predominately straight: The Longhorns aren't the best team in the country, they're not even close.

Sure, Texas is guilty-by-association, catching the scarlet and gray on the up-swing; but let's face it: they struggled -- badly; the great no-huddle offense and Heisman Laureate quarterback stumbling to put together successful drives, riding penalties, and miss-sets to victory.  

Meanwhile, Ohio State, with it's garden 2-stroke little engine that could, put up almost as many points -- coming back and pushing the burnt orange to their absolute edge.

I'll have a lot more to say when this beer buzz wears off, and I sleep for twelve hours, but for now let's agree:

1. No one in their damn minds is voting the Texas Longhorns No. 1 in the Associated Press Poll. 

Why?  Because other teams deserve it more: namely Utah, USC, and the winner of Thursday night's suddenly less interesting barnburner.

2. Oklahoma is in big trouble.

The Big 12 has been exposed for what it is: an experiment in nuclear fission.  When they play real man coverage, they melt.

3. Our quarterback caught a touchdown pass.

Time for the pillowcase.