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Big 10 Football Links for 1/6/9: Bowls, Recruits, '09 Outlooks


Great overview of the William Campbell signing, the Michigan 5 star recruit who claimed he was taking Michigan off his list, than picked Michigan at the Army Game...the video of a 320 pounder posing is worthwhile...

Michigan State

Lansing State Journal covers the Capitol One Bowl for MSU. The photo of a dejected Brian Hoyer "aka Bobby Hoying" says pretty much everything about this game.

Ohio State

Eleven Warriors bulletpoints the basics of the Fiesta Bowl. Kudos to Eleven Warriors for complimenting Colt McCoy; humility is an attractive trait.


Boiled Sports attacks Bowl Games for being meaningless, inconsequential, and uninspiring - oddly enough, Purdue didn't play in one! Off the Tracks gives an extensive preview of 2009 Purdue football - Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Penn State

I was pissed after watching Penn State get murdered in Pasadena; the defensive backs were never in position to make plays and the game score was deceivingly close. Black Shoe Diaries takes a bit of a different, more optimistic look at the Rose Bowl beatdown that further promulgated the "Big 10 Football Sucks" legend truth.


BGHP gives quick discussion of Shonn Greene's decision to leave for the NFL and the draft prospects for this hammer nosed runner.