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OPC Bowl Edition Scoreboard - 1/9

It's official.  Here are the results of the inaugural Obligatory Predictions Competition - Bowl Edition:


1. FSUncensored (Winner, 79 Points)

2. Law Buckeye (Runner-Up, 71 Points)

3. Bama Hawkeye (Second Runner-Up, 65 Points)

Congratulations to FSUncensored who gets a customized Obligatory Predictions Competition Trophy, a feature on the site, and (most importantly) a year's worth of bragging rights on the SBN network. 

After the euphoria subsizes, e-mail us at with your preferred mailing address so we can send the hardware.

Oh yeah, for the rest of you, here's a complete final scoreboard:

1. FSUncensored
2. Law Buckeye
3. Bama Hawkeye (+1)
4. Estrada (-2)
5. Cubs2k8isnxyearPicks (-1)
6. Lady Bama Hawkeye
7. PaternosGrandaughter (-2)
8. BaconNinja (+1)
9. Blackops (-1)
10. Lakeeriemonster (-3)
11. Studbucket (-1) 42
12. Grahamfiller10

(+/- Denotes change in rank from previous standings.)

The Ohio State Senior award goes to Cubs2k8isnxyearPicks who started the contest in last place, and powered up seven spots to finish a respectable fifth. So what if you didn't win, you showed up.

The Not Gettin' Any Tonight award goes to Bama Hawkeye who stepped over his injured wife to get as close to the top as humanly possible.

The Cougar award goes to Studbucket who -- like Washington State's 119th rated offense -- is just glad he didn't finish dead last.

And, finally, the You're Never Going to Let Me Live This Down award goes to our very own, Grahamfiller10, who didn't just get humiliated at home -- but also, for the second year in a row, blew a huge lead coming into the postseason to drop the Franz v. Filler season long pissing contest.  Franz earns a second-consecutive year-long lease on The Lawyer's Cufflinks.  More on this next week.

It's been a wild, and insanely gratifying season on the predictions frontier.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We'll hope to see you back when the OPC relaunches in late August.  Until then...