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Big Ten Power Poll - Post Week 6


It's the third Saturday in October.  Do you know what that means?  It's Sweetest's Day.  Most popular in the Great Lakes region, the "holiday" was coined in 1921 as a way to move candy.  Seriously, the event was begun by candy makers in Cleveland.  It spread to Detroit, Buffalo, and Chicago, but never made the national impression that Valentine's Day did.  So don't call it a Hallmark Holiday.  This one can't be blamed on the greeting card companies.

And if you are going to celebrate with your sweetest this weekend, here some things that she might like.  As always, you can find them in the SBNation store.  We, at the The Rivalry, Esq. are not responsible to what happens to your relationship should you decide upon any of these sure fire gift ideas...

1. 129 (9) Ff_273922_s_medium Buying her Buckeye exercise shorts, which she'll interpret as you implying that she should be at the gym?  Sure, she'll love that.
2. 123 (3) Ff_362746_s_medium White sunglasses with rhinestones and a Tigerhawk?  Sure, she'll love that.
3. 107 Ff_233619_s_medium Penn State ballerina slippers so she can dance like Darryl Clark facing a pass rush?  Sure, she'll love that.
4. 95 Ff_200180_s_medium An ankle bracelet with Bucky and an oddly shaped star?  Sure, she'll love that.
5. 77 Ff_144404_s_medium Logo sunglasses that only Bret Bielema could pull off?  Sure, she'll love that.
6. 72 Ff_200897_s_medium A cell phone case that would have fit the phone that she had three years ago?  Sure, she'll love that
7. 66 Ff_155130_s_medium A women's digital watch with the Minnesota M on it?  Sure, she'll love that.
8. 50 Ff_352873_s_medium A purple beanie hat for her to wear when she sits in the packed house at Dyche Stadium/Ryan Field?  Sure, she'll love that.
9. 32 Ff_342328_s_medium Can you go wrong in giving a woman socks (and with a train on them!) as a present?  Sure, she'll love that.
10. 28 Ff_336171_s_medium A quilted purse with two loud patterns and the IU logo?  Sure, she'll love that.
11. 13 Ff_243492_s_medium Let's be honest, it's not like she's going to want to watch the game.  Maybe you can find other ways to spend a Saturday?  Sure, she'll love that.

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The Rivalry, Esq has reached out to the SBNation Big Ten bloggers to create this poll.  Its purpose: find a consensus as to the power of the Big Ten teams.  We invited each SBNation Big Ten blog to participate.  We will vote each week.  Invitations remain extended to the writers of Black Shoe Diaries and the Crimson Quarry to participate.