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Big Ten Power Poll - Post Week 7


This is what the season has been building to.  After 6 polls of disagreement, we have two teams that were unanimously placed in their slots.  Both Iowa and Illinois received every vote cast for their positions.  Kudos to the Hawkeyes.  Shame on the Illini.  Speaking of building, it seems an appropriate moment to step back from the crass commercialism that I've pushed in the past weeks and remember that this blog is founded upon the law schools of these institutions.  Therefore, this week we showcase the buildings that house the brains.  Your 10 Big Ten law school buildings.  Obviously, we had to do something different with Purdue.  Also, I can not explain why so many of the buildings look like rejected designs for spaceships in Star Wars.  It's an image this week.  Click to enlarge.


Maize and Brew DaveAdam HogeHawkeye StatePete Rossman, BoilerTMill, Joe KutsunisRodger ShermanSam @ WWAHTDailyGopherGraham FillerLaw BuckeyeBama HawkeyeHMLee

The Rivalry, Esq has reached out to the SBNation Big Ten bloggers to create this poll.  Its purpose: find a consensus as to the power of the Big Ten teams.  We invited each SBNation Big Ten blog to participate.  We will vote each week.  Invitations remain extended to the writers of Black Shoe Diaries and the Crimson Quarry to participate.