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The Obligatory Predictions Competition - Bowl Edition

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Welcome to the second annual Obligatory Predictions Competition - Bowl Edition.  As the holidays beckon, and the last remaining vestiges of fall become frozen in impenetrable permafrost, it's time we Midwesterners fly south for the season.  Pull out your plaid swimming trunks, Hawaiian Tropic bronzer, and sear sucker shorts -- it's time to go bowling.


Yes, teams from the Big Ten will soon be dispatched on fair weather flyways to Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, and Los Angeles and if you have half a brain you'll be going with them.  But before bidding bon voyage, take a second to tell us how you think all 34 bowl games will turn out.  Your predictions will be scored against one another, and our resident "experts."

Wanna play?  Here's how to get in on the action:

Step 1: Download the official OPC Bowl Bracket.

Step 2: Fill in a winner and margin of victory for all 34 bowls.

Step 3: Save the document as your SB Nation User ID (e.g. "Law Buckeye.doc").

Step 4: E-Mail your bracket to no later than Saturday, December 19th at 12:00 p.m. (EST).

Your picks will be scored as follows:

  • One (1) point is earned for a correctly picking the winning team.
  • If you pick the winning team, earn an additional two (2) points for correctly identifying the winning spread by seven points or less.
  • If you pick the winning team, earn an additional two (2) points for picking a perfect spread (i.e. The PATERNOSGRANDDAUGHTER Bonus).
  • Two (2) bonus points are awarded for the "upset pick" -- an upset being defined as predicting: 1. Any AP/BCS Top 25 ranked team to defeat any opponent of higher rank, which in fact does occur, or 2. Any non-ranked AP/BCS Top 25 team to defeat any ranked opponent, which in fact does occur.

We'll release score updates throughout bowl season, so you can check your stock.  In the meantime, safe travels. And don't forget to get your picks in by this Saturday (December 19th).

Good luck!