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PSU v LSU in the 2010 Capital One Bowl: Uneventful season makes PSU an underdog

Buoyed by my DVR and the BTN, I consumed more Big Ten football this year than ever before. I watched almost every single Indiana game (yeah..I know) and I even caught those random non-comf's throughout the year. One team almost always slipped out of my dedicated football viewing schedule however -

Penn State

I rarely watched even one half of any given Nittany Lions contest. Reasons for my lax viewing abound beyond my non-PSU fandom...

Don't forget to go back and submit your Bowl Prediction sheet for another chance to win a prize. For winning the regular season OPC, Seattle Hawkeye won...a hat. You may win...something cooler. Hardest bowls to pick so far are Stanford-Oklahoma and PSU-LSU.

- No nailbiters. Not a single PSU game was decided by 10 points or less, a wild statistic which I doubt any other team can match. Two 11 point games (Indiana, Iowa) was as competitive as things got. Either you were getting lit up by Clark...or the Lions were laying down like lambs against Iowa and OSU. PSU PPG v Iowa, OSU: 8.5 ... PSU PPG v Everyone else: 33 PPG.

- The non-comfs were boring blowouts versus a bevy of unexciting opponents. PSU beat Akron, Syracuse, EIU, and Temple by 119 points. Oh, that's a thrill ride.

- I watch most of my games on DVR, but sometimes I'll miss a game if there's nothing to see. Penn State's stoic defense made me skip a couple games - Who really wants to see opposing quarterbacks and run games stagnate for four quarters? I even turned off the Michigan game out of boredom and anger.

- PSU was a novelty last year, an 11-2 team with great talent and a sexy new offense. This year, they were just another top dog whose season would be somewhat disappointing without a B10 title and/or a BCS bid.

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My inattention has little to do with the Capital One matchup though, but its symptomatic of a national perception. Even though Vegas has the Lions favored, Yahoo! experts and 55% of Bowl Pick 'Em contestants have picked LSU to win. One inattentive Yahoo! writer went ahead and claimed that PSU had a tough time scoring points, of course ignoring the numerous points PSU piled up in 2009. With all this said, it's easy to recognize the lack of hype or interest towards Penn State this year has them on the outside looking in on a national level.