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Champs Sports Bowl Matchup: Miami Run Defense v. John Clay

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Miami (FL), famous for its linebackers, wide receivers, and general athletic talent, boosts the nation's 28th best run defense. Despite being flogged early by a power running Virginia Tech team (55 carries, 272 yards), the Hurricanes have done their best to slow some of the best run games in America. Examples:

Georgia Tech: 39 carries, 95 yards

Clemson: 34 carries, 84 yards

North Carolina: 34 carries, 116 yards

CJ Spiller, 240 lb. Ryan Houston of UNC, and GT's triple-option were all corralled by the speedy Canes. Only two teams have averaged over 4 yards a carry versus the Canes: VT and Wake Forest. Here are the specs from the Hurricanes:

Miami (FL)

This defense throttled a couple of great offensive teams and features a bunch of first team or second team All-ACC performers. Studs: DT's Joe Joseph and Allen Bailey, LB Darryl Sharpton.

Average Starting Lineman size v. GT: 269 lbs.

Average Starting LB size v. GT: 220 lbs.

Formation used v GT: 4-3

Nationally v. the run: 28th

This Canes defense, outweighed by an average of 50 pounds up front, will hope that its team speed (!) can trump the Wisky power run attack.