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Live From the Windy City: Brian Kelly to ND?

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I am sitting on Michigan Avenue at something called the Corner Bakery and I'm thinking about Brian Kelly. Such is the power of the Notre Dame job search. I have this vague feeling that Kelly is gone, toast, off to the Dome for upwards of 5 million per year. Law Buck thinks he should go, reasoning that this is still a marquee college football head coaching job. Even if Kelly fails Weis-style, LB reasons, he still gets to put on his tombstone "College Football Coach for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish." ...Yeah.


Brian Kelly fits the Notre Dame profile.

So wipe the vomit off your sweater caused by that last sentence and look at a couple facts at play here. First, Cinci's stadium is low-grade, the facilities are low-grade, and no matter how high he takes Cinci, it's still JUST Cincinnati to a national audience. But on the other hand, if Notre Dame and Cinci played next year or in 2011, I would wager all of my money on the Bearcats. 2010 Notre Dame is going 5-7 or 6-6, depending on the schedule. Plus, we all saw the national skewering of Chuck Weis, does BK really want to go through that?

If he stays, Kelly runs the risk of turning down oodles of money and the opportunity to resurrect a storied program. If he goes, Kelly takes a daunting job that has lost some of its luster in the last 20 years. Either way, we're going to learn a hell of a lot about BK in the next week. Law Buck and I decided the odds were 80-20 that he goes to South Bend. We'll see.