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Last Call Drinks Whiskey, Talks Four More Years of BS, ahem, BCS

Every work week has a breaking point.  If you've never thought about when yours occurs, you should -- knowing lends psychological credence to the daily struggle.  

I'm currently in my fourth semester of law school -- which means there's really never an end to the torrent of responsibilities that flood my daylight hours, and push my eyelids long into the deep night.

That said, there is a point, in the late afternoon on Thursday, where the tides temporarily recede.  With no classes Friday, I usually can justify laying up for the night -- bathing in the eye of the hurricane, with full knowledge that the Weekend winds will soon scream and howl.  Nevermind.  These hours belong to me and myself, and it's time to find a good book and a cigar.

Oh yeah, I suppose we can catch up too.

Esq_bullet_medium Four more years of B-c-S.  As Ivan Maisel reports, Next Monday, the Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange bowls will join the Rose in a bullsh*t reunion tour, set to play through 2014. 

The truth is you shouldn't be surprised.  The white haired, talcum powder-balled commissioners who rule the roost have long defended the stinking status quo

Sure they've got contracts, but we've got laws.  All we need is a plaintiff.  Anyone wanna step up?

Esq_bullet_medium Speaking of contracts, the point of re-negotiating is to get more money.  Someone needs to get a hold of Kirk Ferentz, who just signed a seven year contract, that will keep the Big Ten's second longest tenured coach around through 2015. 

By "keep," I of course mean "motivate" to stay; until that is, a NFL franchise steps up to the plate. 

Ferentz remains one of college football's highest gross earners, netting $2.84 million last year.  The moral of the story: sexual assault pays.

Esq_bullet_medium A football player vs. a hockey player.  Who wins?  I've always wondered that.  Apparently, the former -- if you ask Michigan State wide receiver Mitchell White, who beat the puck out of Spartan hockey player A.J. Sturges. 

White faces a maximum 93 days in jail when he's sentenced on March 16th.  I guess he forgot that CFB doesn't have a penalty box.

Esq_bullet_medium Because Graham "opened the door" by comparing Michigan to Notre Dame, I'm compelled to introduce this hilarious rendition of rag-time highlight delights, flush with French soldier like retreats, and butterfingered bobbles, as the Wolverines fall to the Irish 35-17.

Glad we finally got that settled.