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UM's Threet Transfers: Aftermath and Analysis

This was reported all over the place and it's not huge news, but Steven Threet, the starting quarterback for much of Michigan's horrific 2008 season, has decided to transfer from Ann Arbor. One can make some logical inferences from this transfer and also some predictions.

Quarterback U? Elvis Grbac, Todd Collins, Brian Griese, Scott Dreisbach,Tom Brady, Drew Henson, John Navarre, Chad Henne. Just a quick list of Michigan quarterbacks since 1991, all who played in the NFL. Threet's baptism by fire season looked much different than his predecessors. His loopy delivery, lack of quickness in the pocket, and Big 10 worst passer rating made him the goat for many of Michigan's struggles. What confused me the most was the throwing motion - if you're not a running quarterback, shouldn't you have somewhat of a gun or some touch on the short throws? Most Wolverines are fine never seeing Threet in the Maize and Blue again.


Not Steven Threet...

Forcier and Robinson. Threet knows that his slow legs will never be favored in the RichRod Spread. But he had experience with the offense, so everyone was sure that a competition would ensue for the starting spot anyways. Not so fast my friend! The best case scenario is that Tate Forcier, the early enrolled frosh QB, has shown so much panache and skill that Threet knew he would be fighting for a 2nd string job. Plus, the late recruiting coup that resulted in speedy QB Denard Robinson probably helped speed up this decision.

To New Beginnings. RichRod now places the starting job in the the hands of freshmen, but at least they are his freshmen, and at least they fit his system. Whatever QB depth that Threet would have provided will be gone, but it's hard to believe that he could have ever succeeded in this kind of spread offense.