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Bathroom Reading Links - 2/23/09


It's always useful at the beginning of a new week to conduct a web-wide survey of all things attention-grabbing in conference.  Here is this week's edition of the bathroom Bible.

  • These boots were made for walkin'.  ESPN's Adam Rittenberg takes a look at "big shoes to fill" in the Big Ten this spring and their ready replacements.  It's pretty much a list of the names you'd expect to see -- Greene, Shipley, Ringer, Jenkins -- but it's worth checking out, if only to get a good peek at the gunpowder in the wings.  And, since you presumably care about those "other" guys, here's a look at The Replacements in the SEC, Big 12, Big East, Pac 10, ACC, and Independents.
  • Our sport is more popular than yours.  Our SBN compatriots at Black Heart, Gold Pants, describe the Ferentz Extension and the Economics of Iowa Football.
  • Negative is good?  Great news for Minnesota -- and everyone else with a conscience. Megaton linebacker recruit Sam Maresh's calf tumor is non-cancerous scar tissue.  The standout from the 2008 class, who was forced to sit out a year because of a heart murmur, can finally do something he's waited to do for far too long: focus on the game.  Tight ends beware.  Here's wishing Sam a speedy recovery.
  • Still a ripoff.  The Michigan Department of Athletics delivered an offering of peace and goodwill Monday, announcing that its 2009 Season Tickets will retail for less than the 2008 prices.  How much less -- well, $3.57, on average.  Michigan justified the lower prices by pointing to the challenging economic times.  And the fact their team sucks (okay, they didn't say that last part).
  • Turning over a new leaf.  The Big Ten has firestormed SBN in 2009 by, well, showing up.  New sites worth your attention include Bucky's 5th Quarter (Wisconsin), Hail to the Orange (Illinois), and Hammer and Rails (Purdue).  We're excited to collaborate with these new resident team sages.