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What's Better: Rushing the field or rushing the court?

As I watch Providence upset #1 Pitt, a defeat that followed Maryland's upset of #1 UNC, which followed...You get the point. The intensity of the fan onslaught, coupled with the overexcited undergrad ball players and the uncomfortable stuffed shirts sitting courtside, make the basketball court rush a sweaty, crowded experience. Plus you will probably end up mushed against Erin Andrews while she interviews the coach and BMOC.


But can it compare to the seat hopping, 75 yard sprint that accompanies rushing the football field? The wave of fifteen thousand undergraduates running to one point is a beautiful spectacle and the anarchic concept is dangerously exciting. So here is a bulletpointed comparison - I am of course partial to rushing the football field, but there are arguments for both. Any good stories are appreciated...

Rushing the Court

  • Short run from the student section to mid court
  • Quick access to celebrating closely with players
  • Sweaty but safe: Jump around for 5 minutes, walk out of gym safely
  • Better chance of getting your face on TV
  • Might run into Erin Andrews

Rushing the Field

  • Walk 25 rows down, sprint 70 yards through mass of players, coaches, guards
  • Always the possibility of getting tackled by security guard or laid out by angry opposing player
  • Play in the snow, soccer style celebrate in the muddy turf
  • More chances for semi legal vandalism (take a piece of the field, goalpost, player's sweatbands)