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SB Nation: Now a Yahoo! Sports Affiliate


Faithful readers, it is with much excitement that we report our parent network, Sports Blogs Nation has tied the knot with Yahoo! Sports, the largest "sport property on the web." As CEO Jim Bankoff describes in an official press release:

As members of our communities or readers of our sites, you already know that SB Nation takes a different approach to online sports.  Our focus has always been on empowering fans to participate in conversations that are specific to their particular teams, leagues or sports.  We’ve watched over the years as the popularity of this unique approach has rapidly accelerated

Today we want to welcome some new members to our flourishing communities. SB Nation and our friends at Yahoo are partnering to give Yahoo Sports audiences one click access to our sites and content...

...Relevant pages of Yahoo Sports will now feature contextual links to specific SB Nation communities.  Many other pages of Yahoo Sports will feature SB Nation content and links. The great news is that more sports fans will be introduced to SB Nation sites.

Our professional sports team sites (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) have already been integrated into Yahoo! browsing windows, and RSS feeds. 

In the coming days, the NCAA blogs will enjoy the red carpet treatment.

And yes, one day soon -- fans will see content from The Rivalry, Esq. featured on relevant Yahoo! team pages.

What's in it for you?  It's our promise to continue to produce more insightful reports, editorials, and general Big Ten features, and the increased community of ideas that new traffic will bring. 

To read more about the partnership, see Blog Huddle.