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Terrelle Pryor in the 2009 Offseason: Superfreak, He's Superfreakyyy

The Big 10's most intriguing player was anything but underhyped before declaring that Columbus would be his next home. Pryor was the Chris Webber of football recruits, intriguing schools and/or regions of the country with his monster potential. The signing was a coup for the Bucks, but also for the Big 10. There is no more famous soph in college football - and this star just happens to play in the Midwest. Now that TP (Is that an acceptable nickname? Can we do better? I say Superfreak or something that denotes otherworldly physical traits) has proven that he can excel versus big time defensive units, a quick look at Pryor's football future should be decent offseason discussion.


Ohio State developed a simple power running offense after Todd Boeckman proved to be ineffective against USC, focusing on the individual talents of Pryor and Beanie Wells. The frosh QB ran with an authoritative presence from Day 1, stiff arming defenders and loping for clutch first downs. The natural comparison to Vince Young was evoked quickly and Pryor was said to be farther along in his leadership capabilities than the former Texas QB.

TP's passer rating in 2008 was higher than any other Big 10 quarterback, but wasn't asked to make PeytonManning-esque throws. He only threw the ball over 20 times in one game, relying on play-action bombs and roll out dump offs. Comeback and timing routes? Nah, not in 2008. Tressel will have some time to add these options in the offseason, but precise passing isn't the Superfreak's greatest known attribute. He still cups the ball too much (instead of gripping it) and skips throws short.

When Ohio State rolls out its 2009 offense, sans some key lineman and Beanie Wells, the Big 10's most hyped athlete will get a chance to lead a new team and show off his improved mechanics. TP/Superfreak, expected to bolt for the League in two years, has a lot of work to do though. There won't be a shortage of eyes on him.

What will Superfreak do this offseason to improve?

Brother certainly doesn't have to work out too much - his body was college ready sophomore year of high school. And his leadership, both on and off the field, showed a quarterback mature beyond his years. But the Buck's offense will add further passing complexities and options and Pryor will have a fresh batch of WR's to work with. His dedication to working with this young group is paramount, as teams will scheme to stop Pryor from running so effectively.