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Last Call Drinks Beaujolais Nouveau, Talks The All Big Ten New Class

What's the difference between a casual fan and a perceived "authority"?  It's the later's time-tested ability to conjure up the names of obscure players, and sprinkle them into football analysis like Frank Costanza trying to season rotten beef.  Let's look at a conversation that's happening at a BW3's somewhere as we speak:

Mark (Prefers American Idol to college football, but wants to fit in): "The Gators sure had a good day yesterday.  Think they'll play for another national championship?"

Lee (Like most August to January fans, gets the big picture and not much else): "Oh yeah, with the way Tebow ended the season -- that kid's got a will to win.  I say, he collects another Heisman."

Kirk (Didn't get any work done yesterday because he spent the entire afternoon glued to "I'll tell you what, I was worried when Percy left early -- but Andre Debose looks just as fast, and he's got a great ability to get up field."


Let's face it, you want to be Kirk. In our continuing attempt to make you resident sage of the offseason, we've created an All Big Ten team using the new signees.  Here are the soon to be household names in conference. 

Esq_bullet_medium National Signing Day: All Big Ten Offense.

Quarterback: Moses Alipate (Minnesota). Scouts 81.  Position Rank 11.  ESPN U 150.

Fullback: Tyler Dippel (Wisconsin). Scouts 80.  Position Rank 1.

Running back: Jaamal Berry (Ohio State). Scouts 84.  Position Rank 3.  ESPN U 150.

Wide Receiver: Je'Ron Stokes (Michigan).  Scouts 82.  Position Rank 8. ESPN U 150.

Tight End: Dion Sims (Michigan State).  Scouts 79.  Position Rank 5.

Offensive Tackle: Eric Shrive (Penn State).  Scouts 82.  Position Rank 9. ESPN U 150.

Offensive Guard: Quinton Washington (Michigan).  Scouts 82.  Position Rank 6.  ESPN U 150.

Center: Jack Mewhort (Ohio State).  Scouts 81.  Position Rank 2.  ESPN U 150.

Esq_bullet_medium National Signing Day: All Big Ten Defense.

Defensive End: Craig Roh (Michigan).  Scouts 83.  Position Rank 4.  ESPN U 150.

Defensive Tackle: John Simon (Ohio State).  Scouts 80.  Position Rank 16.

Nose Tackle: Lendell Buckner (Illinois).  Scouts 80.  Position Rank 17.

Linebacker: Dorian Bell (Ohio State).  Scouts 83.  Position Rank 14. ESPN U 150.

Cornerback: Darrell Givens (Penn State).  Scouts 82.  Position Rank 6. ESPN U 150.

Safety: Issiah Bell (Michigan).  Scouts 81.  Position Rank 11. ESPN U 150.