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Bathroom Reading Links - 1/9/09


  • Big Ten Spring Power Rankings.  ESPN's Adam Rittenberg passes out premature bragging rights.  Looks like "the youth movement has begun in Columbus."
  • Name.  Check.  Ohio State's Storm Klein has the best name ever for a football player.  But he's not letting it get to his head, says The Columbus Dispatch.  Honorable mentions: Colt McCoy, A.J. Hawk.
  • "OSU was my top school at one point," says rumored UM add on Jerald Robinson, "but I realized that Michigan is about to be in a good stage."  (I felt the same way, that's why I decided to sign with Auburn over LSU, Washington over USC, and Notre Dame over, well...just about any of other the BCS schools.  I think I've made my point.)  Meanwhile, you can just go on to reading MGoBlog's exclusive interview.
  • Decommitt U? Black Shoe Diaries breaks down Penn State's unflattering new moniker.
  • It was either that or an internship with Dunder Mifflin.  Penn State's offensive lineman Eric Shrive hails from West Scranton, PY.  The Rivalry, Esq. suspects he was that fat guy that transferred from Stamford and quit on his first day in Season 3 of The Office.