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Last Call Drinks Bottled Water, Revises the Top 25 to Match Last Year's Metrics

Yeah, so what, I've gone soft.  I've gotten in the habit of getting up several hours before I need to, and going on long morning runs along the Olentangy.  There's something exotic about stepping out onto the icy steps in the milky light and crunching along the river, the fresh snap of cold air in my lungs. 

Afterwords, I shower, make a cup of coffee and read the online version of The New York Times; along with a bagel and, my dirty pleasure, Above the Law, a legal tabloid.

This is my cherished routine.  I would give up almost any part of my day before forfeiting my run.  Anyways, tonight I'm getting a late start, so I'm opting for mere hydration.  My stomach will thank me in the morning.

But that doesn't mean you're without the same pithy jabs and biting admonitions.  Here goes:

Esq_bullet_medium Big Ten a bit lacking in Revised Top 25.  ESPN's Mark Schlabach, a personal favorite, labors through the hugely irrelevant, and greatly exciting task of ranking and updating his personal convictions about how the haves will look heading into next season.  You can read his latest batch of muffins here, or you can just read my list of the Big Ten teams that made the cut.

They are: No. 7 Ohio State, No. 9 Penn State, No. 16 Iowa, and No. 24 Michigan State.

In the spirit of discrediting this sort of silly shake up, Last Call has decided to go one step beyond the usual blogger's rebellion of making our own list -- and actually take a look at how last year's preseason rankings matched up with the season's end. 

You can read Mark's 2008 "Way too Early" List here

Here's how he did:

  • 14 of his Top 25 teams finished the season ranked in the AP Poll.
  • 3 of his Top 10 teams finished the season unranked (LSU, Clemson, Arizona State)
  • No. "1" Georgia ended the season at No. 13.
  • No. "3" Florida ended the season at No. 1
  • Good for a laugh: No. "4" Missouri, No. "13" Wisconsin, No. "21" Michigan, No. "23" Illinois, No. "24" South Carolina.
  • Lucky Guess: No. 12 Texas Tech.

All things considered, Schlabach was 1 for 25 guessing the exact placements at the end of the season.  Which actually isn't bad.

Esq_bullet_medium Using these performance metrics, Last Call "updates" the 2009 list.  If 2009 turns out exactly like 2008 for Schlabach, here's the changes I'd expect to see.

  •  3 of his Top 10 teams finish the season unranked (Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Oklahoma State).  (Before you protest you look at the list and tell me who you'd drop).
  • No. "1" Florida ends the season at No. 3.
  • No. "6" USC ends the season at No. 1
  • Good for a laugh: No. "14" Georgia, No. "16" Iowa (look at their schedule), No. "18" California, No. "25" Rutgers.
  • Lucky Guess: No. 15 TCU.