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Update on Big 10 Players in the Draft, Courtesy of Draft Guys

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All eyes are turned to the NCAA Tournament, but some NFL scouts and GM's are paying much more attention to drafting the next Lawrence Taylor instead of the next Ryan Leaf. A website called Draftguys has put together a solid compilation of videos, interviews, and research to give a complete draft profile of the NFL prospects. These are a couple normal guys who are basically living a fantasy, interviewing top prospects and watching football all day. Also, be sure to take a look at Cecil, one of the Draftguys who bears a striking resemblance to ESPN's Howie Schwab from "Stump the Schwab"  Below are some Big 10 players that were highlighted recently by Draftguys.

  • Intriguing profile of Nader Abdallah, the defensive tackle from Ohio State and the only Muslim on the Buckeye's team. Abdallah discusses the respect that Tressel had for the Muslim religion, using quotes from the Koran. Projected Round Drafted: Free Agent
  • Iowa's Bradley Fletcher, the "best cornerback in East-West Shrine Game practices," shows great fluidity and speed during drills. His stock has been rising ever since the season ended and is now being rated as the 15th best cornerback in the draft. Projected Round Drafted: 5
  • The fastest Big 10 player to enter the draft, Deon Butler made numerous DB's look silly during pre-draft practices. Penn State's all time leading receiver gets off the line quickly and shows a natural feel for route running. His 4.38 combine time in the 40 ensured that an NFL ticket will be punched in the near future. Projected Round Drafted: 4
  • We know he flopped badly this year, but Curtis Painter still has an NFL arm and a chance to go late in the 2009 draft. Now rated as the #13 QB in the draft, this former Boilermaker will benefit from a weak stable of quarterback prospects. Projected Round Drafted: 7