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Draft Update: Big 10 Players in the Mock Top 100

This was from Yahoo/Rivals. Pretty standard stuff, except for the Beckum and Beanie Wells comments. When you question Beckum's toughness, it's appropriate to also mention the impressive bench press numbers he put up at the NFL combine. And what have we seen of Beanie Wells to question whether he "wants it"? Playing through injury and steamrolling defenders doesn't show drive and work ethic?

84. WR Brian Robiskie, Ohio State We don't know what all the hype is about. Best-case scenario, he's a No. 2 receiver at the next level with little upside.

82. WR Derrick Williams, Penn State Will need to improve on a horrendous 40 time at the combine (4.65) to have any shot in the first three rounds.

76. DT/DE Alex Magee, Purdue A long-armed tweener who has the versatility to play anywhere on the defensive line in the NFL.

75. TE Travis Beckum, Wisconsin A mismatch nightmare at the next level in the pass game, but he still needs to learn to block.

65. DT Mitch King, Iowa Love his technique, motor and instincts inside; he'll find a way to make an impact in a one-gap defensive scheme.

52. RB Shonn Greene, Iowa Lacks ideal straight-line speed for the position but has the balance, vision and foot quickness to carry the load at the next level.

41. CB Vontae Davis, Illinois Displays great size/speed numbers, but I worry about his technique, instincts and willingness to get better.

31. ILB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State Relies on his instincts and technique but always finds a way to get after the ball.

23. DE Aaron Maybin, Penn State A long-armed pass rusher who exhibits great first-step quickness and awareness off the edge.

18. RB Chris Wells, Ohio State Showcases amazing feet and body control for a back with his dimensions. If he wants it, the sky's the limit.

17. CB/FS Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State An instinctive defensive back who offers some versatility as a corner/safety tweener.