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Last Call Drinks Frugal Joe's Beer, Talks Conference Earnings

If the economy were a Division I team, it'd be Texas-San Antonio -- non-existent through 2011.  In the spirit of keeping things modest, I've elected to break Esquire Rule No. 1: Never Pick Up a Six Pack that Retails for Less than $5.00,* to opt for a bottom shelf brew that's exclusively sold at Trader Joe's.  Self-described as an "ordinary" ale this simple selection is surprisingly complex with hints of barley, toast, and soy.  At $4.99, what have you got to lose?

* For those of you that would like to argue this point, I'm happy to oblige.  There's a number of commercially available domestics I'll certify as quaffable -- J.W. Dundees' Honey Brown leads the pack -- and not a single one slides in under the $5.00 threshold.

Esq_bullet_medium From rags to riches.  Doc's Office recently did a great comparsion of the per-program intake of the major football players in conference and in the midwest. 

Not surprisingly, my Buckeyes top the revenue scales with gross earnings of $65,162,179 in 2008.  Michigan is an impressive second, with $57,463,603.

But the real FBS cash cow is Georgia, who, despite having a shamelessly-impulsive coach, and spottingly inconsistent athletes, managed to rake in $67,053,051.  

Esq_bullet_medium Recruiting recognition.  Buck Bravo's -- which sounds like one of those annoying big city chain restaurants where the food sucks and the servers get paid to insult you -- compares the Big Ten's recruiting class rankings with various team final standings, to figure out who is doing more with less.  The answer?

Northwestern, who finished 4.6 spots better than its average class rank over the past five years.


Courtesy: Buck Bravo's

They also analyze the team compositions by Rivals stars, and ESPN scores.

More self-effulgence when Last Call returns to the barstool...