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Twitter Habits of Big 10 Coaches, Programs

I have made fun of Twitter for its entire 15 minutes of fame. But today, when I really spend time toying around with Twitter, I actually have less illogical hate than I used to, thanks in most part to the Wisconsin Football Twitter updates. Whichever assistant is updating the Twitter page is doing some amazing Twittering, including instant updates on Spring Practices and linking to excellent in-depth articles. It seems other schools and campuses are following suit, so enjoy this quick look at the Twitter habits of the coaches and programs in the Big 10. And if you are so inclined, here is The Rivalry's Twitter page.


Rich Rodriguez was doing a nice job updating his Twitter page until lately; he does seem like a spirited guy though. Not nearly as spirited as Tim Brewster, whose updates seem predicated on the idea that exclamation points are spectacular and should be utilized liberally. Big Ron Zook has obviously graduated from the same spirit fingers school as Brewster; you can find his updated thoughts here.

No other coaches have joined Twitter Nation and if they have, I could not find their pages. Some schools have excellent Twitter pages though. MSU's Twitter page is extensive and swamped with Tom Izzo stories right now. Here is the excellent Buckeye Twitter page, full of football and non football updates. All things Northwestern Sports can be twittered here.