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LTP's Take on The Rivalry's Spring Northwestern Preview

We asked Lake The Posts, the preeminent Northwestern football blogger, to give us his take on our Spring Preview of the Northwestern Wildcats. He obliged with a couple comments about a team that returns many starters from it's successful 2008 season.

In regards to the possible wide receiving corps, we wrote -

Likely targets are Freshman Demetrius Fields, Brendan Barber, and Martin Bayless, as well as Sophomore Charles Brown.  Alarmingly, Brown -- the only one with any experience -- barely finished in the top fifteen receivers in 2008, pulling down two receptions for fourteen yards.

LTP says -

"It is more accurate to note that sophomore Jeremy Ebert will return as the primary target along with senior Andrew Brewer.  Ebert had a pleasantly surprising year as a true freshman while Brewer has spent the past several off-seasons tantilizing NU fans as the "answer" who turns into a question mark because of injuries. This position has been one of depth in years past, but will be relying on several fresh faces to be up to par with the NU corps of the recent past."

In regards to the running ability of QB Mike Kafka, we wrote - 

Meanwhile, Mike Kafka, who demonstrated a daring ability to use his legs to
salvage broken plays in 2008 will be called upon to develop his passing abilities.

LTP says -

Separately, it seems a little off to cite Kafka as such a key to the NU running game last year. Yes, he had an incredible game against MN, but he was hardly a regular. A big key may be sophomore Jeravin Matthews who was above-average in kickoff returns last year and is getting trotted back and forth between WR and RB this year to see where he'll stick.  There is no doubt the RB slot is THE question heading into the year.