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Big 10 Football Links From Around SBN

Some relaxed Sunday evening/Monday morning reading...

Another "attack on the blogosphere" from an Indi journalist, who is then skewered by numerous instate bloggers, etc. John from Crimson Quarry puts a nice piece together in the defense of his blog. A snippet:

A final thought: near the end of the column, Kravitz laments the "one-way conversation."  Let's rewind the clock 20 years, before the World Wide Web : from 1989 back, was there anything that was more of a one-way conversation than being a columnist for a large newspaper?

Hammer and Rails meets with Addicted to Quack to discuss the ultra-important 2009 matchup between Purdue and Oregon in Autzen. ATQ's take on Oregon in the fall:

Eugene is 45 minutes from the Oregon Coast and about an hour from the mountains for skiing. If there is one thing you should check out, it would be some of the local breweries here. The Northwest is known for microbreweries and several companies offer factory tours that are a lot of fun.

I'm in. Law Buckeye listed this as his #4 Biggest Out of Conference Game of 2009.

WWAHT dissects Ohio State's running back position for 2009, which has been capably manned of late.

Maize and Brew gives a Biggie-theme article on a 310 lb Canadian defensive tackle named Renaldo Sagesse who just happens to resemble the late great BIG. An article that ends with lyrics from Juicy is good with me and plus, anything that Dave writes is pure gold.