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80 Reasons to Love the Big Ten - No. 73 - Carmen Ohio


If the first notes of this burgeoning hymn of bells and brass isn't a welcoming interlude to the Pearly Gates, tell Heaven nevermind.  This courageous psalm is a ghastly beacon of comfort, and tradition for the souls that walk the pebbly paths next to the University's Orton Hall at night.

As Wikipedia remarks, "Carmen Ohio is the oldest school song still used by The Ohio State University. The song was composed by freshman Fred Cornell on the train ride home from Ann Arbor, Michigan, after Ohio State suffered an 86-0 loss to the University of Michigan Wolverines. Set to the tune Spanish Hymn, or Spanish Chant, the Men's Glee Club first performed the song in 1903."

Sung by the team after every game on bended knee, the stands filled with swaying students, shoulder-to-shoulder, Carmen is the heart and soul of generations.  It's words are for spirit, for loyalty, for valor, for strength...for Ohio.

Oh come let's sing Ohio's praise
And songs to Alma Mater raise
While our hearts rebounding thrill
With joy which death alone can still
Summer's heat or winter's cold
The seasons pass the years will roll
Time and change will surely (truly) show
How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!