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Evaluating the Mechanics of Big Ten Quarterbacks - Adam Weber

I got in a little blog tiff last year when the Golden Gopher Football blog called my quarterback rankings a joke and I called his argument weak. But after Mom put a bandaid on our scraped knees and stopped us from sniffling with some Eggo's, we seemed to agreed that QB rankings can be quite 1) arbitrary and 2) illusory. No quarterback shows this dynamic more than Adam Weber, the soon to be third year starter for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. He throws a pretty slant, but when pressured in the later stages of 2008, showed a propensity for heaving the ball into coverage.

Adam Weber (Minnesota)


Snap (B):

  • Security/Ball Placement (B+): Looked comfortable taking snaps from under center in the Spring Game and even when getting smashed against Michigan and Iowa in 2008, held onto the ball well. Also holds the ball high on his chest the way your instructed to.
  • Retreat Speed (B+): Retreated quickly from under center in Spring Game, showing athleticism that everyone knows is there.
  • Footwork (B-): Good - Sets his feet textbook style for slants and outs. Bad - Gets dancing feet when he feels pressure instead of moving confidently around.
  • The Fake (n/a): I didn't see a whole lot of fakes in the 2008 quick-pass offense. Maybe someone can fill me in here.
  • Adaptation (C+): When he rolls out comfortably, keeps shoulders square. When rushed, you can watch the arms drop, scrambler style, and he puts himself in bad position to make effective throws. Also tends to drift sideways when rolling out instead of moving confidently towards line of scrimmage.

Release (B+):

  • Survey (C): If his initial read isn't there, he drops the ball and is no longer in throwing position. Also locked onto first receiver, but that's typical of short pass offenses.
  • Stance (B+): Sets himself very well with short throws, keeps body bent slightly, steadying himself for the quick pass.
  • Step (A-): Best part of his motion. Steps confidently through without overexerting his body.
  • Wrist/Throw (B): Snaps his wrist correctly, doesn't drop his shoulder. Generates good power for short throws, but wasn't asked to throw the ball downfield much in 2008. Mechanics don't really explain his bad decision making at the end of last year, but Weber seemed pretty careless with the ball at times, thinking he could jam passes into any opening.

Overall: B

[Editors Note: I looked here, and here, and here...and Spring Game here...]

Big Ten Report Card:

  1. Ben Chappell (B/B+)
  2. Daryll Clark (B+)
  3. Tate Forcier (B-)
  4. Ricky Stanzi (A-)
  5. Terrelle Pryor (B+)
  6. Joey Elliot (B)
  7. Juice Williams (B/B+)
  8. Adam Weber (B)