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80 Reasons to Love the Big Ten - Nos. 62-60

No. 62 - Who needs rings, when you've got medals?








Despite having never notched a national championship in football, the Indiana Hoosiers know what it's like to compete on the big stage.  That's because the "I" in "IU" stands for international.  As Indiana's official athletics site describes:

Indiana student-athletes also have excelled in every Olympic Games competition since Los Angeles hosted in 1932. The Hoosier Olympic gold medalists, especially in swimming & diving, read like a Who's-Who for their respective sports. One Indiana gold medalist stands out, Mark Spitz, who captured a remarkable seven swimming gold medals in seven world record times at the 1972 Games in Munich.

No. 61 - Our Mascot Can Melt Your Mascot


You can call Purdue Pete anything you want, just as long as it's not "haymaker," or "cornfield sailor."  That's because this Boilermaker was born to do one and one thing only: to swing a giant mallet on the sidelines.  Born in 1940, this "rail-splitter," is a unique entry in a mascot wilderness overpopulated by lions, tigers, and bears...

No. 60 - Lake the Posts

You might have heard of this one, seeing as how "the definitive (read: only) blog dedicated to Northwestern football" borrows it for a namesake.  As Lake the Posts describes:

The name pays homage to the pre-Barnett era Cats, whose rare wins were marked by ripping down the goal posts, marching them down Central Street and tossing them into Lake Michigan (a feat known as "laking").

Need a little more to go off of?  Here's a 7-minute documentary chronicling the history of the tradition.