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Helping Michigan Schedule

We at The Rivalry, Esq. have always held ourselves out to help any of the Big Ten teams in pursuing their optimal football performance.  Yesterday, I posted a quick note referencing a story that Michigan and Georgia were in talks about opening the 2010 season at the newly renovated Big House.  Within hours, multiple sources threw cold water on this hot idea.  MGoBlog summed up the reasons why a Bulldog visit was unlikely.  So, maybe that won't happen.

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Remind the Blue that there is no preseason in college football.

But, Michigan will need to open the season against someone.  And since the Wolverines have has a difficult time scheduling home openers recently, I put together a list of available BCS conference teams.  Details below the jump...

Here are the rules that I followed in coming up with this list of teams:


  1. Only BCS conference teams.  Michigan apparently thinks it will have a better chance against the bigger names.  It also makes it more fun to dream.
  2. No opponent will be forced to have a sixth road game.
  3. No rescheduling legitimate season openers  If you're playing Western State Tech, we'll move it.  Not if you're opening against Clemson.
  4. No opponent will be forced to play three BCS teams in their non-con.  
  5. Michigan will play a return game at the opponent in 2011.

That's not to say that Michigan may not get a school to break all of these rules.  These were my parameters to start.  Using the awesome listing of future schedules that keeps, I found these seven potential dance partners:

  • Arkansas

    The only scheduled game for the Hogs is their new annual match-up with Texas A&M in Dallas.  Considering that the profits of that game are split, Arkansas can take the money hit of only six home dates.  However, this may be more courageous than they'd like to schedule.
  • California

    Cal would have to move a game against Louisiana Tech, but this is possible.  Cal has also shown a willingness to travel to the Midwest  (scheduling games at Minnesota, Michigan State, Illinois, Nebraska, and Oklahoma and a game against Kansas State in Kansas City in the past 15 years.  The Golden Bears will also head to Columbus next decade.)
  • Mississippi State

    These Bulldogs would need to move a game at Houston to not violate rule 2.  Otherwise, the date is free and the team has a open slot in their non-con.  Much will depend on how new head coach Dan Mullen wants to schedule.  If he a Kansas State or a Washington?
  • Oklahoma State

    There are home games scheduled with Troy and Tulsa.  The date is free, and Okie State is wrapping up a home and home with Georgia this year, so the courage is there.  
  • Rutgers

    The Scarlet Knights would need to postpone one of their three home layup games (Norfolk State, Tulane, and Army).  This might help answer the question if it's all teams in scarlet that can dominate Michigan, or only ones from Ohio.
  • Texas A&M

    The Aggies would need to postpone one of their three home layup games (Florida International, LA Tech, and Stephen F. Austin).  The Arkansas date in Dallas is the only other game on the schedule

  • Washington State

    C'mon, could we get Ryan Leaf out of the slammer for the coin toss?  The Cougars would need to move a date at SMU on 9/18 to not violate Rule 2.  The opener is free as is the non-con slot in their schedule.Rose981_medium
    The ball is in your hands, Blue.  Make your fans happy.  Do the Big Ten proud and get a real team in the Bigger House.  Then win the opener.  For a change...