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Discussion of Erin Andrews, Led Zeppellin, Jesus, Other Icons

This Erin Andrews story is smashing the Internet into pieces as we speak and I wanted to add one quick thought to the surely stunted discussion.

Why are we so enamored with her? Just because she's top dog at ESPN and shows up in your NCAA '10? Because she loves sports and is a former cheerleader? She's a good looking women in a field (TV) where good looking people abound. Get over it.

It seems we're bored with everyone whoring themselves out in every way possible, stretching for that last glimmer of fame and celebrity. When someone becomes so revered like EA and refuses to take that extra step (Playboy, Maxim, etc), we go nuts attempting to break that screen of privacy.

Calm down. She takes her clothes off in a hotel room and some dude tapes it all. Which is a natural thing to do. If you're Buffalo Bob. Let's move onto the next story. And if you've never seen a naked woman, Google porn. I'm sure something will pop up.