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80 Reasons to Love the Big Ten - No. 47 - Purduestache

No. 47 - Purduestache

The dictionary simply defines a moustache as "the hair growing above the upper lip."  Let's be honest; they are glorious.  Yes, they have fallen out of favor with all but the hippest of psuedo-hipsters - men like Brandon Flowers, Rivers Cuomo, and Mike Ditka. 


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Three outstanding pseudo-hipster moustaches.

More than just stylish, moustaches can serve as an outlet to raise money for charity.  But for far too long, the moustache has been exiled.  Men with the courage to not walk bare-faced seem drawn to the 1994-goatee or the recent revival of the beard.  

Lucky for all of us in the Big Ten, for the past 12 seasons, the Purdue Boilermakers' sideline has been a safe haven for the moustache.  Thank you for your courage, Coach Joe Tiller.


Unfortunately, Coach Tiller has reached the end of his coaching days.  After 87 wins and 12 years, he decided to take his glorious moustache to a more restful place.  Thankfully, the Purdue administration worked to ensure that his position was filled by a man who was trained in the skills that one needs to succeed in coaching Purdue - namely the stache.  Welcome Coach Danny Hope!  


Hair to the Purdue Lip-Throne