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A Few Questions for Big Ten Football Media Days

In case you haven't seen, SB Nation has placed conference and team-specific bloggers on the ground for the late July ballroom Circuit known as Media Days. Today, TeamSpeedKills fed updates live from Hoover, Alabama. 

Since both Graham and I will be in Los Angeles over next week's Big Ten installment, we'll be forced to cover things secondhand.  Still, that won't keep us from the occasional frontpage firestorm.

Over the next few days we'll be gearing up for the festivities by throwing out a few questions we hope to see asked and answered:

  • Jim Tressel: Ohio State offensive lineman Jim Cordle is a force at center and guard who saw some spring action at tackle.  How might a move outside affect the overall chemistry of the line?
  • Joe Paterno:  How do you feel a young line affects your cohesiveness heading into fall camp?
  • Joe Paterno: What's your plan if a young receiver corp doesn't mesh with Daryll Clark as quickly as you'd like?
  • Rich Rodriguez: Tell us a little more about what Greg Robinson's 3-4 will bring to your defense?  How do you plan to get the most out of a speedy secondary in a league that continues to run-first and pass-second?
  • Mark Dantonio:  How is the quarterback situation developing in East Lansing?
  • Danny Hope: You get a lot of attention for recruiting players for versatility and plugging them in all over the place.  Which young talent has made the move most successfully?
  • Danny Hope: You've got a lot of speed on defense, but Purdue has struggled mightily in the modern era against the run.  What are you doing to change that?
  • Bill Lynch:  Your program hasn't been the same since Terry Hoeppner's untimely death.  What are you doing to re-energize Indiana football?
  • Pat Fitzgerald: What similarities do you see between the 1996 Rose Bowl team and the 2009 Wildcats?