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What You Can Expect From TRE This Season: PowerPolls, New Contributors, QB Rankings

34 weeks have passed since Law Buckeye was savaging the notion of Texas being the country's best team after the Bucks almost pulled out an upset in the Fiesta Bowl. The offseason has been replete with discussion of quarterback mechanics and the best things from Big Ten Country. And now, with 10 days to go until your televisions and stadiums are overrun with college football once again, here is a primer for what TRE will bring to your life this Fall.

Closing Arguments for Each Big Ten Team

Bama Hawkeye, if he hasn't been hunted down and executed by Penn State mercenaries, will drop TRE's final predictions on each Big Ten team. We've spent months analyzing and speculating, now it's time for some conclusions. (Who am I kidding, we're actually just repackaging Phil Steele's ideas)...

Big Ten Power Poll

The best and brightest of SBN's Big Ten contributors will sit around, drink hot cocoa beer, and discuss their feelings about how their teams stack up. Teeth will be gnashed, garments will be torn Old Testament style, and biases will be recognized loud and clear. This promises to be spectacular.

New Writers

No more will our biases be confined to Iowa City, Columbus, and Ann Arbor. Northwestern and Minneapolis will be adequately represented now, rendering our amalgamation of writers one of the strangest in the sports blogging world.

The Obligatory Predictions Competition

Last years competition featured a complete late season meltdown by myself and a Bowl Competition win by FSUncensored. Our picks comp doesn't allow simplistic win/loss picks; your margin prediction is just as important. Take a look at Week 11 of last year for a taste of our complexly awesome scoring system.

Win the picks comp for one week? Write 500 words on the site about anything college football. Win the picks comp for the entire year? Take home an undetermined mystery prize.

Ed Note: FSUncensored, please don't blow our site up for not getting your trophy yet...It's on the way sometime soon. Maybe.

Bowl Projections

Bama Hawkeye stirred the pot in his preseason edition, but this weekly column will keep you updated on each Big Ten team's bowl hopes.

Big Ten QB Rankings

Here's a taste of how last year's rankings concluded:


Daryll Clark


Game Average for Clark: 14-23, 196 yards, 1 TD. Certainly not spectacular, but he got the ball to the numerous weapons that PSU possesses. His 8 rushing touchdowns and effective QB runs made Penn State dangerous near the goal line.


Terrelle Pryor


Tremendous running ability (50 ypg) and size helped the Buckeye's rush the ball effectively against every Big 10 team except PSU. His "Superman" ability to shake tackles and throw on the run helped the Bucks convert third and longs. Would be the top rated QB, but he hasn't thrown enough passes to qualify.


Juice Williams


This turnover machine has disappointed constantly this year, but his mom loves him, so I'll be gentle. Negatives: Subpar offensive line, locks onto wide receivers, throws BAD picks. Positives: Improved mechanics, great escapability, most passing yards in the Big 10. Blew the Western game with rollercoaster throws, but the O Line didnt help.

I think the main issue is whether God Himself (Pryor) exhibits continued improvement in his throwing motion. I'll have my preseason rankings up next week and I guarantee that Clark will be rated first.

So thanks for reading and let me say, I am falling off my chair with excitement for the upcoming season. If you the reader have any good ideas about a subject to be debated or discussed, feel free to email me at