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Detroit Free Press Announces NCAA Violations By Michigan, I Breathe a Sigh of Relief

God do I hate waking up with a text message reading "Tell me Michigan is going to be alright." It was a fair message though, especially after the program has been accused of of violating major NCAA rules by forcing players to workout beyond the allowed time. But after reading basically everything online about this debacle, I have come to a couple conclusions.

Why In Gods Name Does Everyone Attack The Michigan Program?

There were many players, alumni, reporters, and fans who were tied to the "idea" of Lloyd Carr-style Michigan football. What did this kind of football mean to those people? It meant having a Michigan man steer the ship with players who played traditional Michigan football (whatever the hell that is) and didn't act like other football programs (read: OSU, the SEC). These people were tied strongly to that brand of Michigan football and when RichRod came in and started making changes, they felt left out and alienated by the new regime.

So they reacted like a spurned lover would - by lashing out in anyway possible. Justin Boren and his Family Values Tour, Wermers "not my crowd" comments, the "anonymous former players" who spoke to the Free Press about the workout violations, and now Rosenberg with his one-sided attack on the Michigan program. These former players are complaining one year later about conditioning they felt was unfair. And God knows I'm no RichRod apologist, but them are some sour, sour grapes.

Golly Gee Wow, Michael Rosenberg Is After Michigan Football

I mean, have you looked at the Freep website? The Freep brought down the hammer, article wise, with an armada of supplemental articles to the major breaking story. "MSU plays by the rules, say ex-players," A look inside Rodriguez’s rigorous program," and my personal favorite, "National voices provide context on issue."The last one is my favorite because they ask a 70 year old about what weight training was like in his playing days. Shockingly enough, things were different when he played in late 1950's.

The Detroit Free Press decided they had landed a big Michigan story and have attacked on all fronts. After bringing the story to the University of Michigan's attention, they dropped this huge stack of articles and reactions. These are not, I repeat, these are not two-sided articles. Take a look at the "rigorous program" article. As Rosenberg goes on about the hard-ass qualities of Barwis and RichRod's workout programs, one heading reads "Wow, this is absurd." WOAH, you say, caught off-guard by this bold heading, Barwis and RichRod must have done something horrendous to inspire such a reaction from someone. Of course you quickly find out that a) the quote was taken out of context and b) the quote was never actually said by anyone. It was simply Barwis stating what he thought former NFL players would think of his workout. As Dave from Maize and Brew would say, "SEE! See what I did there??!!" Tricky writing/reporting from Rosenberg.

Any Results/Conclusions From This Are Far, Far Off

The Florida State music teacher scandal cost the football program victories...from 2006-2007. The San Diego State workout violation investigation (similar to what UM is being accused of) took took over a year and eventually led to this (from the Freep!):

San Diego State self-imposed the following penalties: the forfeiture of six scholarships total over the course of three years, the loss of 21 practice days over a 3-year period, a reduction in off-campus recruiting and individual penalties for the assistant coach in question.

So in case you were worried about Forcier and Co. not being allowed to compete this Saturday, don't sweat. Ramifications and penalties, if any, will come in the future.