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The Ultimate Example of Big Ten Brotherhood, Courtesy of Bill Mallory

This is part of an antiquated attitude that may be long gone, but for some odd reason I cannot stop watching the video. 1987 was Indiana's dream year, beating OSU and Michigan and Purdue, but a season ending loss to MSU sent the Spartans to the Rose Bowl to face USC. So ol' ball coach Bill Mallory wanders into the Spartan locker room after the game and fires up the Green and White... (H/T to StoopsMyAss and Hawkeye State for pointing out this gem)

Mallory's words

...I can say this without getting emotional, but you know we both wanted this game uh a heck, a heck of a lot...but you know both of us as teams fought our ass from the bottom up by god I commend ya, we have a lot of respect for ya, your a damn fine football team and congratulations on winning the title...I'm just gonna to say this - By God go out to the Coast and kick their ass because we're all damn tired (inaudible...sentence drowned out by screaming Michigan State players)...